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While Misinforming About Bush Tax Cuts, Cavuto Accuses Democrat Of “Making Up Stuff”

Reported by Guest Blogger - December 18, 2010 -

By Brian

On Friday’s Your World (12/17/10), former New York City Mayor Ed Koch discussed the tax cut deal signed by President Obama that day. Cavuto’s attitude was apparent when he asked the “question,” "So the top few percent paying 40-plus percent of the taxes, that is not progressive enough for Ed Koch?"

Koch: That's what he wants us to go back to.

Cavuto: That's where we are now.

Koch: No… No, no, no.

Cavuto: …Yes we are to infinity, Mayor. Now you're making up stuff. Yes you are.

Koch: The Bush tax cuts are less than the 39%.

Cavuto: Uhhhhhh boy.

According to TaxFoundation.org, in 2000, the top rate was 39.6%. This year, it’s 35%. Ed Koch was right. Cavuto was making up stuff!

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