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"Real Housewife" Caroline Manzo Plays Class Warfare On Cavuto

Reported by Ellen - December 18, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

On Wednesday's Your World (12/15/10), "Real" Housewife of New Jersey wife Caroline Manzo was the latest in a line of bizarre "experts" brought on to promulgate a GOP mindset for regular people. Manzo, whose husband supposedly runs a "very successful catering service," blasted the estate tax. While she was at it, she suggested that it's the rich who deserve all the tax breaks. Despite the endless complaints on Fox News about "class warfare" by Democrats against the wealthy, there was nary a peep of objection from host Neil Cavuto.

Manzo said "You know what puzzles me? You work your whole life to build, and that's what we teach our children… Work hard, sacrifice, build, build, build… and then someone takes it away from you. So what's the motivation to get up in the morning and work to try to leave something, a legacy for my children? ..,If in fact, God forbid, my husband were to pass away tomorrow, both of us, and my children are left with the estate tax, well, yes, the net worth is “x” amount of dollars but the liquid is not the same."

Cavuto told her the House Rules Committee was trying to "tinker with the estate tax."

Manzo said, "It's so bizarre to me, and again, it’s about taking responsibility… They (her kids) would probably have to sell the Brownstone (name of her husband's business) in order to pay the tax. What happens to those 200 people we employ?" She said the estate tax would "weaken the strong… We are the ones that provide the jobs. We are the ones that are philanthropic and give. Why would you weaken the strong? …We're the bad guys. When did we become the bad guys?"

While whining about being a victim, Not-So-Sweet Caroline was suggesting that the poor are less deserving of tax breaks than the rich. Where was Cavuto's outrage?

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