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The O'Reilly Factor Gets Into The Holiday Spirit By Smearing Eric Holder, Muslims And The ACLU

Reported by Ellen - December 17, 2010 -

Perhaps it's not as festive as last year's ambush of an elementary school principal, but having declared victory in the War on Christmas - yet again - Wednesday night (12/15/10), Bill O'Reilly teamed up with Dennis Miller to spread some holiday cheer for their audience by calling Muslims "whiny," comparing Attorney General Eric Holder to Neville Chamberlain and joking about substituting ACLU members for jackasses in a Nativity Scene. Ho, ho, ho.

The discussion with Miller began with O’Reilly asking about a case in which Attorney General Eric Holder has begun a lawsuit on behalf of a Muslim teacher denied unpaid time off to visit Mecca. Predictably, O’Reilly has been using this case as bloggers have – to fear monger that Muslims are getting special, undeservedly favorable treatment from the Obama administration.

Miller immediately got with the program and said that Holder’s “one goal in life” is to make “Neville Chamberlain look like Vlad the Impaler.” Miller later said, “God, Muslims are whiny people.” He shouldn't talk.

As the discussion moved on, O’Reilly said, “War on Christmas, a little muted... We won this the last few years and there's been a little craziness in Tennessee with the ACLU but not so bad this year. Have the forces of good prevailed, Miller?”

“Yeah, we rope-a-doped a little,” Miller said, whatever that means. But, he added, he knows things are getting better because he put up a manger scene on his front yard this year “and I replaced the jackasses with three ACLU members and nobody in the neighborhood has even protested. They get it.”

Fa la la la la la, la la la la.