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Steve Doocy & Brent Bozell Attack Mainstream Media For Neglecting Jesus

Reported by Priscilla - December 17, 2010 -

In addition to being America's Christian Newsroom, Fox "News" is America's Christmas newsroom. As such, they are unafraid to go "shout it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born" - unlike those evil, librul, godless networks that are "mum" about Jesus at Christmas? Good Catholics Steve Doocy and Brent Bozell are not happy that their "deity" Jesus isn't being proclaimed on those other network and weren't afraid to "testify" on this morning's Fox & Friends!

Doocy, who lives in the Christian world of Fox "News," began the piece by saying that "it looks like Christmas without Christ." Against a photo background of the secular Christmas tree, Steve, doing his best dumbfounded voice (seems to come naturally), asked "why is it mum, the word, when it comes to mentioning Jesus in Christmas coverage on network newscasting?" The Christian agitprop chyron: "Christmas Without Christ, Neglecting Religion on Network News." He introduced right wing Christian scold and Fox fave, Brent Bozell who must be feeling pretty good after his homophobic Christian Taliban jihad which resulted in the removal of part of gay themed Smithsonian exhibit. When Bozell wished Doocy a Merry Christmas, Doocy said "you can say Christmas on this show but why is it that talking about Christ or the reason for the season is heard so infrequently on the network television?" Bozell referenced how John Gibson. Bill O'Reilly, and Glenn Beck have exposed the extent of the evil "happy holiday" greeting which is anathema to good Christians like Bozell. He praised Fox & Friends for their "great job." The term "get a life" came to mind when Bozell described how his researchers studied how many times Jesus Christ was mentioned in network stories about Christmas over a two year period. could hear Doocy's sigh as Bozell cited how "shocking" it was that only 7 out of 527 mentioned God. Doocy said "whoa." MRC "stats"showing the number of times "the deity" was mentioned were shown. Bozell said that this was "the complete secularization of the national news media." Doocy repeated the canard that "Christmas is a federal holiday, you can't pretend it doesn't happen." Bozell, his voice getting louder, said that it was like mentioning Veterans Day without mentioning veterans and July 4th without mentioning the Declaration of Independence. He had almost totally lost it when he yelled "when NBC doesn't mention Jesus or God once in its coverage." The chyron: "The True Meaning of Christmas, is the Network News Avoiding God." He continue to rant "that's a decision that's made we don't want to talk about that "controversial pinko god" (Wait, is Bozell admitting that Jesus was a communist?) "which, btw, about 90 - 95% of Americans celebrate on Christmas day." Doocy solemnly intoned "exactly right."

Comment: The non "fair & balanced" media shouldn't be pushing a religious agenda. If folks want religious news there are religious news networks - as well as Fox "News." According to the Rasmussen poll that Fox "News" is fond of quoting, 83% of Americans celebrate Christmas with 61% planning on going to church. Poor persecuted Christian Brent just can't seem to grasp that for many of those Americans who do celebrate Christmas, religion isn't part of it - it's just a fun time for decorating, food, and fun. And as far as networks not mentioning "the deity," hate to break it to ya, Brent; but Jesus isn't universally accepted as "God." And I think it's safe to say that most people who watch the news know what Christmas is about. If people want to hear about "God," they should listen to their clergy. They don't need to be hearing it from the mainstream media which, unlike Fox "News," doesn't see, as its primary mission, preaching the Christian gospel.

Addendum - Bozell's Christmas elves at the MRC should take a look at Fox News coverage of Christmas. According to Media Matters, Special Report hasn't been focusing on "the deity." Is Fox "News" taking Christ out of Christmas?

Fox more examples of how the MRC exposed this blasphemy, it's here.


Fox more examples of how the MRC exposed this blasphemy, it's here.

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