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Brian Kilmeade Promotes Book By Radical Right Christian, Glenn Beck Pal, & Angel Protected Rev. Jim Garlow

Reported by Priscilla - December 17, 2010 -

Fox "News" and the Christian right appear to have less than sex degrees of separation. Fresh from promoting the "Live Nativity," a project headed by the radical Christian Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Fox & Friends is now promoting a book by the radical Christian Rev. Jim Garlow. Garlow, who believes in "biblical economics," claims that legal abortion is the cause of unemployment problems. He also thinks that Satan is attacking marriage and as such, the fight against gay marriage is a fight against the anti-Christ. He is head of Newt Gingrich's "Renew America" and is Glenn Beck's pal. This "American Taliban" leader wrote a book, in 2009, "Heaven and the Afterlife" which Brian Kilmeade used as the basis for this morning's interview about angels, this morning, with Jim Garlow and a woman whose daughter died of cancer. While I don't question the motives of this woman who experienced a tragic loss, it's obvious that Fox "News" was, once again, promoting both Christianity and Jim Garlow - who was promoting his book. Something for everyone.

The interview focused on one of the many stories, compiled by Dr. Garlow in "Encountering Heaven and the Afterlife," about angelic visions which people claim to have experienced. The experience of the young woman with cancer was one example of how she and others "met" (according to Kilmeade) angels. Obviously, for these folks (and others who claim to have religious visions), their experiences were real; but the take on Fox & Friends was that angels are a fact. Kilmeade referred to the angelic visions as "true life." Chyrons: "A Glimpse of Heaven, Carly Saw Angels During Her Last Days of Life,""Daughter Had Life Encouters With Angels" - and then these "Guardian Angel At Church, Church Member Saw Angel Protecting Dr. Garlow," "A Thorough Divine Collection, Dr. Garlow Gathered More Than 400 Interviews." In describing angels, whom Garlow said come in all shapes, Garlow referenced the angels in the Christmas story. Garlow didn't talk about the angel who was seen "protecting" him.

Comment: Pretty slick Christian agitprop which served to promote a member of the radical Christian right. I mean if angels protect Garlow, he must be very, very good! Not only is Fox "News" your source for persecuted Christian angst, it's your source for recommended Christian reading. Fox must be on the side of the angels!


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