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Another Round In The GOP Civil War: Sarah Palin Snipes At Charles Krauthammer Over TLC Reality Show

Reported by Ellen - December 17, 2010 -

Is there anyone thin-skinned Sarah Palin won’t go after in retaliation for criticism? Her latest is Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer. Granted, Krauthammer has been critical of Palin’s lack of depth and judgment, but I doubt Palin did anything to endear herself to any Krauthammer fans with her childishly scornful response to criticisms about her TLC reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

In an interview with Bill O’Reilly last night (12/15/10), the topic was the kind of “question” normally “asked” of Democrats: Is Palin’s TV Show Hurting Her Politically? I’ve written before about O’Reilly’s evident attitude that Palin is a lightweight. Although O’Reilly was jovial and congenial toward Palin last night, he quite seriously questioned her gravitas and Palin offered nothing of substance in response.

O’Reilly said to Palin, “(Krauthammer was) not quite convinced that the outside activities that you’re engaging in would help you if you do decide to run for president. Does Krauthammer have a point?”

Palin grinned grotesquely, probably out of nervousness. When she answered, it was with a sneer. “Well, bless his heart. He’s probably used to those in the political beltway who perhaps aren’t out there working but they’re talking and they’re meeting people and they’re doing their ‘strategery,’ whereas I’m workin’ and I’m having a great time doin’ it. It’s been a pleasure to bring Americans along for the ride to show them… America’s Fort Knox, this land that we call Alaska, has to offer and to film eight episodes to show Americans what it is that we do and have up here in terms of resources.” As if Palin earns her living doing anything but talking and meeting people.

Apparently, O’Reilly noticed that Palin had not answered the question. So he pressed. “How does (the television show), in your mind, help you in the political arena. Or does it?”

Once again, Palin could not answer the question. “I told Alaskans that I was gonna do all that I could to promote Alaska. And I’ll tell ya that TLC’s debut show as the highest-rated show in that cable network’s history. (She forgot to mention that the ratings plummeted the following week.) I think it’s doing a good job for Alaska… Promoting Alaska and even more importantly promoting domestic resources that we have in America that can be tapped into to allow us to be more secure, (her voice turned condescending and pedantic) healthier, more prosperous. A lot of the show has to do with the resources that we have that need to be developed.”

Right, because it’s the policy that people are tuning in for. That’s why the show is on TLC, not, say, PBS or even Fox.

O’Reilly brought up Kate Gosselin’s appearance on one of the episodes. “But see, is that presidential?” he pressed further.

Palin pretended to mimic an Ivy League professor. “Ew, I’m sorry I’m not so hoity-toity (she pronounced it “hotty-tidy”), I don’t do this (she waved her finger in the air) before I make a statement or endorse a person or portray reality.”

O’Reilly laughed, the two joked together and moved on to knock liberals as unlikely to qualify as “Mama Grizzlies.” O’Reilly seemed to really appreciate and get a kick out of Palin’s spunk. But I have no doubt that she did absolutely nothing to earn any serious cred with him – or any other doubters for that matter.