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Fox & Friends Promotes "Living Nativity" Sponsored By Radical Anti-Choice Group Seeking To Challenge Church/State Laws

Reported by Priscilla - December 16, 2010 -

We live in a country which is religiously diverse. But the America of Fox "News" is a Christian Nation that does not believe in diversity of religious (and non religious) views. Among Jesus' BFF's at Fox "News," the gang on "Fox & Friends" have a VIP pass at the "pearly gates." And to demonstrate its allegiance to the baby Jesus, Fox "News" allowed a "living Nativity" to be set up outside their Manhattan studios. Knowing that the audience for "Fox & Friends" loves the baby Jesus, the "living Nativity" was shown, as a visual, throughout the show. But what the viewers weren't told (not that it would have mattered) was that the mission of the group sponsoring this tableau is "aimed at encouraging individuals and groups to help bring back the true meaning of Christmas by staging similar Christmas displays in public spaces, including town squares, parks, at city halls, county courthouses, and state capitol buildings." In other words they are encouraging states and municipalities to engage in taxpayer funded costly lawsuits over violations of the First Amendment. Steve Doocy provided information so that viewers "can have something like that in your town." Is Fox News promoting civil disobedience? Judging from the not so civil disobedience done by the founder of the "Living Nativity," you have to wonder.

The group behind the "Living Nativity" is "The Christian Defense Coalition." Its founder is the Rev. Patrick Mahoney who even more than he opposes President Obama, opposes a woman's right to an abortion - and has the street creds to prove it. He was palling around with anti-choice domestic terrorist Randall Terry when Terry was arrested for throwing a fetus at Bill Clinton. Ah, good times. Mahoney was also part of the media circus, aided and abetted by Fox "News," outside Terri Schiavo's hospice. Mahoney has taken his bullhorn (literally) to Germantown, Maryland where he and his fellow screamers harass women attempting to access safe, legal abortion. Mahoney appeared with our favorite morning Christian, Gretchen Carlson, where they whined about how taxpayer dollars are no longer supporting taxpayer supported Air Force flyovers of a Christian festival.

The actual "Nativity" cast members were drawn from Rob Schenck's "Faith & Action" ministry. Schenck is also a radical anti-choicer who was actually arrested after the fetus throw. He also participated in the street theater outside the clinic of the assassinated Dr. George Tiller. Schenck anointed the door of the Capitol before Obama's inauguration. He also anointed the door to the room where Supreme Court hearings are held because he was so upset about the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor. He says that "the America we love is facing the judgment of God due to rejecting His laws regarding abortion, same-sex marriages, the public display of God in public spaces." So if you're known by the company you keep, Fox "News" has some interesting fellow travelers!

Oh, come all ye faithful indeed!


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