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Bill O’Reilly Suggests “Left Wing Community” Wants To Institute Radical Islam in The U.S.

Reported by Ellen - December 16, 2010 -

Bill O’Reilly did yet another in a long series of anti-Muslim discussions last night (12/15/10). This one was about a woman named Asia Bibi. As NPR reported, she’s a Christian woman facing execution in Pakistan over a charge of blasphemy. But instead of reporting on the case, O’Reilly gave it a brief summary and then seized on it as part of his argument to prove he’s right that there’s a “Muslim problem” in the world. A graphic on the screen saying, “Clash of civilizations?” set the tone.

The choice of guests was telling, the anti-Muslim zealot Brigitte Gabriel and Zuhdi Jasser, of Amiercan Islamic Forum for Democracy. The AIFD describes itself as “the most prominent American Muslim organization that confronts the ideologies of political Islam and openly counters the belief that the Muslim faith is inextricably rooted to the concept of the Islamic state. Founded by Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, AIFD looks to build the future of Islam through the concepts of liberty and freedom.”

O’Reilly said he had wanted someone from the pro-Muslim Council on American-Islamic Relations to appear instead of Jasser but that they had turned down the invitation. So instead of finding someone who might be able to explain dispassionately or even sympathetically what is happening in Pakistan or elsewhere, O’Reilly chose, essentially, a less extreme example of Gabriel.

Gabriel, as it turned out, was too extreme even for O’Reilly. Or maybe just too abrasive. She had obviously hoped to use the discussion to promote her overall anti-Islamic hysteria message but O’Reilly kept interrupting her.

Jasser was another story. O’Reilly may have preferred a guest from CAIR but he obviously had credence in Jasser. O’Reilly said, “This is fact. Pakistan is an enormous country, very important to the United States... This Catholic woman, all she was (doing was) sitting around, talking about religion with some Muslims and all of a sudden, she could be executed. And you're telling me – what're ya telling me? Tell me, Doctor.”

Rather than answer O’Reilly’s aquestion, Jasser took a swipe at CAIR. “They don't want to be on because they don't know what to say... It exposes their duality, their hypocrisy of living in this country but yet not adopting the establishment clause (of separation of church and state, presumably)... Jasser then went on his own anti-Islamic rant. “We need to start to have an offensive strategy against political Islam, against sharia in government.”

When asked about other Islamic countries, Gabriel used the opening to fear monger further. She told O’Reilly, “(There is) an organized movement worldwide headed by The Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood (has written about) how to infiltrate and dominate the west and establish an Islamic government on earth... The Muslim brotherhood has established in the United States 29 Islamic organizations as a front to spread radical Islam in the United States as well as the world, pushing their. Radical agenda culturally as well as militarily...”

O’Reilly interrupted dismissively, “Well, they're not getting anywhere in the USA... not with the folks... The left-wing community is another story. But the mass of people agree with me.”

In the first place, the BBC describes The Muslim Brotherhood by saying, The organisation prides itself on being the moderate face of Islam and an alternative to extremist voices. Officially, the group rejects violence in favour of dialogue with other faiths and their objective is to reconcile Islam with modernity - but its leadership remains deeply conservative.

In the second place, it was completely irrelevant and uncalled for of O'Reilly to baselessly accuse the left of wanting to spread radical Islam in the U.S. But on Fox News, no smear against a liberal or Democrat is too extreme.