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Atheist Fighter Gretchen Carlson Loves Christian Atheist Ad Stalker Truck

Reported by Priscilla - December 16, 2010 -

Head to the nearest bomb shelter. "There's all out atheist advertising blitz" happening and for good Christian Gretchen Carlson, who is in the Preaetorian Guard of the Fox & Friends patented war on persecuted Christians, it's scary times. Who cares about the decline in American competitiveness and educational achievement! There are persecuted Christians who are being ignored by the "lamestream media" and Fox "News" is there to provide a bulwark against the forces of wicked, evil, mean and nasty atheism which, according to Fox & Friends, isn't a legitimate POV - unlike Christianity which, for Fox & Friends, is the only POV! This morning, Jesus very best BFF Gretchen Carlson provided the latest news from the front in the war against Christians - a truck with a message about God's love which will stalk (whoops follow) Fort Worth "anti-Christian" buses that have atheist ads on their sides. There is a "resistance" movement and praise Jesus, Fox & Friends is there to spread the news of great tidings. In the ongoing cosmic war against the powers of darkness, Christians are fighting back thanks to Fox & Friends which seems to be profiteering in its war against atheists.

Gretch led off with the atheist advertising bomb scare as the agitprop chyron read "Exclusive" (Wow oh Wow) "Christian Resistance, Atheists & Christians Compete With Ad Space." Gretch claimed that atheists feel that "there's no better time to fight Christianity than at Christmas time." (Love those combat references, Gretch. Jesus was a real warrior. Oh wait a minute, he wasn't...) She did a beatific smile as she described how a group of businessmen have hired a truck with a signed message from "God" that says "I still love." (Unlike Fox & Friends which appears to have a teensy bit of dislike those who don't properly worship this "God.") The truck will follow the buses with the atheist signs. (Hope they watch where they're going and don't rear-end the buses cuz "God" might not want to reimburse their insurance company!) She introduced the owner of the truck while the chyron read "Atheist Ads on Buses, Say Millions of People are Good Without God." (And this a problem, how?) Hardly able to contain her joy and bobbing her nicely coiffed blonde head from side to side, Gretch asked how Heath Hill came up with the idea. He said that he and his pals looked at the "rejection" and "overall denial of God" (and this is a problem how?) that the atheist ads were promoting. But according to Hill, this is an opportunity for atheists to know that "God still loves them." (Idiot alert! - if atheists don't believe in God, why would God's love be relevant to them. Helloo!!). Chyron: "Business Targets Atheist Ads. Pro-Christian Mobile Ad Follows Buses." Gretch provided a Fox "fact" - that "a lot of people get upset when the atheists come out in full force with their billboards, of course they only do it not in July but in December right before Christmas." Gretch asked if Hill thinks he can change the minds of "these atheists" Hill recounted how, in response to a question from the atheists about the source of "God's" quote, he told them it was a series of quotes from the bible and this is an opportunity to share that love. Chyron: "Ad Battle Hits the Road, Atheist Bus Banner Followed by Christian Van." He said that there were four buses and his group knows their routes.

Propaganda Chyron Message of the Day - "Atheist Ads Rattle Texas God Ad on Bus Follows Anti-Christian Buses." Oh goody, time for Christian Fox watchers to start threatening the Fort Worth Public Transit Authority.

Gretch did more "projecting" - "That must really tick them off." Gretch couldn't contain her exuberance over his response that they had some "negative mail." Gretch's Christian glow got even brighter when he said that there are lots of "thumbs up." He said that the donors prefer to remain anonymous because it's about the "message." Good Christian Gretch wished her Christian soul brother a "Merry Christmas."

Comment: Ewww, those nasty atheists who have no right to ruin Christmas for Gretchen Carlson. But here's the thing Gretch. While local Christian leaders were upset, a planned Christian boycott of the Fort Worth buses never happened. And so, a truck was born. The group, the Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason, "wanted to raise awareness of its nonreligious social and political groups." Despite Gretch's fear, they're not trying to destroy Christianity. Here's another thing, Gretch. Atheists have first amendment rights, too. And one more thing, Gretch. How would you like it if an atheist truck stalked a "Christian bus?" Just saying...


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