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While Cheering Tax Cuts For Wealthy, Rep. Ryan Accuses Obama Of Class Warfare For Opposing Them

Reported by Guest Blogger - December 14, 2010 -

By Brian

On Your World yesterday (12/13/10), Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke out against the estate tax. "I don't think we should have an estate tax in the first place. It's a double tax on death. It's a tax on capital." Of course, the estate tax mostly affects the wealthy. Yet Ryan also voiced opposition to “not paying for” extension of unemployment benefits. But when host Neil Cavuto asked if President Obama was “Clintonizing” in his compromise with Republicans, Ryan complained that Obama is a “class warrior.”

Ryan said, "I still think (Obama’s) a class warrior. He went to calling us ‘enemies’ to now calling us ‘hostage takers,’ so he still uses similar rhetoric. He is now telling us at his last press conference he's going to go after us on class warfare, on making sure that these rates do not get extended in 2012. So I don’t think he’s changing his ideology or his tune. But he’s recognizing just the new reality and he’s gonna compromise here and there. That’s gonna be the exception, not the rule.”

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