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Gretchen Carlson Interviews Outraged Christians Parents Who Want School To Ban "Anti-Christian, "Marxist" Book

Reported by Priscilla - December 13, 2010 -

I knew it. Last week, the Fox News website had a story about a Jesus loving New Hampshire high school student who got his clean white Christian undies in a snit because his high school finance teacher assigned Barbara Ehrenreich's "Nickel and Dimed in America." This book was about Ms. Ehrenreich's exeriences working in shit jobs for shit wages in pursuit of a mythical American Dream. In the book, Ehrenreich described Jesus as a "wine guzzling vagrant and precosious socialist" and this incurred the wrath of this student and his parents who decided to make a Christian cause célèbre over this "un-American" book which they want removed from the curriculum. As soon as I read this article, I knew that this would be a topic on America's morning home for persecuted Christians otherwise knows as Fox & Friends which has never seen a persecuted and outraged Christian that it didn't love - persecuted gays/Muslims/secularists/minorities - not so much. And as this case involves outraged Christians and accusations that Jesus was a "socialist" (A Pennsylvania Fox affiliate described this as a"Jesus bashing book.") it's ratings gold for Fox "News." Blessed are the persecuted Christians, for they shall see Fox News!

This morning's interview was vintage Gretchen Carlson in that it included the requisite outraged Christians and relentless propaganda lessons on the chyrons. The video title is "High School's Anti-Christian Message."Perpetually outraged devout Christian Gretchen Carlson introduced the topic over the outraged Christian chyron: "School Assigned Book, Jesus, a wine guzzling vagrant and socialist." On the side of the chyron, a blackboard graphic with "The Trouble With Schools." She introduced the outraged Christian parents of Jordan Henderson, Dennis and Aimee Taylor who will, tonight, be petitioning the Bedford New Hampshire school board about pulling this seditious book. Dennis Taylor claimed that in addition to the "wine guzzling, socialist Jesus, the book was "littered with obscenities" (high school kids aren't exposed to that?) and "Jesus bashing." Aimee Taylor said that "drug abuse is mentioned." (high school kids aren't exposed to that?) The next persecuted chyron: "A "Precocious Socialist?" Book Has Irreverent Comments About Christ." The next chyron: "Parents Outraged in NH Town, School Board Defends Controversial Book" (Reality Check - the only parents who are outraged about this book are the Taylor's who are creating the "controversy." The Christian agiptrop chyrons were relentless: "Son Leaves School Over Jesus Reference in Book." Mr. Taylor said that his son was upset about the book and requested to be home schooled. (The school's gain, the kid's loss?) The next chyron was propaganda message for the day "Assigning Marxist Material? Parents Demand Book Be Pulled." Gretch read statements from the school personnel indicating that the book is no longer part of the curriculum. Mr. Taylor said that he hasn't heard about that. Mrs. Taylor said that they want to tell the school board that the book is "unacceptable" for the "language and the way that it assaults people's beliefs and religion." She referenced "the drugs and how to get out of the testing." (Uh, the author was merely pointing out how folks do get around drug tests). She wants it pulled from the curriculum and replaced. (With what, inspiring bible stories?) Mr. Taylor said that if their demands are met, they will re-enroll their son in the school.

Comment: Let me get this straight - two outraged Christians don't like a book so they want it censored for everybody. I thought it was only secularists who "pushed their views." (Megyn's Kelly's comment to head of and atheist group which erected the Christmas is a myth billboard.) And let me get another thing straight - the faith of Christians is so weak that it can't be challenged? I read the book. It's a great look at what the ever growing American underclass is experiencing. If the Taylors live in a 50's "Leave it to Beaver" world, that's fine - the rest of the country doesn't and its youth shouldn't be protected from it. But back to the segment. If Gretch were "fair & balanced" she could have read the quote in context but then by doing so the issue would be made even more freaking (eww, was that an obscenity?) ridiculous. Ehrenreich's reaction to a Christian worship service:

"It would be nice if someone would read this sad-eyed crowd the Sermon on the Mount, accompanied by a rousing commentary on income inequality and the need for a hike in the minimum wage. But Jesus makes his appearance here only as a corpse; the living man, the wine-guzzling vagrant and precocious socialist, is never once mentioned, nor anything he ever had to say. Christ crucified rules, and it may be that the true business of modern Christianity is to crucify him again and again so that he can never get a word out of his mouth,"

Maybe Gretch will interview Barbara Ehrenreich who said:

What I was critical of in the revival was certainly not Jesus,” she said. “It was more the evangelical preachers who were speaking to poor people but in no way ever touching on what (Jesus) said about poverty and the immorality of great wealth. For me, it was a big pro-Jesus awakening when I was at that rally, to think of what Jesus would have said to this crowd or what he would have done. The preachers were in fact interested in raising money for themselves.”

Ewww, now that's downright treasonous - but typical of the type of Christian right theology which has eliminated the social gospel in favor of the gospel of prosperity (give your unemployment check to pastor) and the gospel of hatred toward gays, Muslims, non-Christians and Barack Obama - those who have a warm home on Fox & Friends. The words of Jesus come to mind.“What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.”

"Supply Side Jesus"

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