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Has Christmas Warrior Bill O’Reilly Become A Grinch?

Reported by Ellen - December 12, 2010 -

Bill O’Reilly has been a dedicated soldier in the war on Christmas for as long as we’ve known him. But has he gone over to the dark side this year? On Wednesday (12/8/10), O’Reilly not only didn’t sally forth to defend the rights of a Long Island woman to display her annual Christmas lights, he suggested a compromise should be reached with the town officials who have given her two summonses. Oh noes!

O’Reilly played a video report about a Lindenhurst, Long Island woman named Mary Groth who annually puts up over 32,000 lights and ornaments that, according to reporter Andrea Day, is used to “raise money for local charities and bring some Christmas joy into Lindenhurst.”

But in what was described as a “holiday crackdown,” Groth received two summonses: One is “because the decorations… are on village property. The other is for unlicensed electrical work.” Day added that village officials say “the whole electrical set could be a big danger, maybe even cause someone to get shocked.” This as B-roll footage showed children playing among the decorations. “The family has been warned for several years,” Day continued.

There was no question about Juliet Huddy’s Christmas mojo. “Don’t take away the Ginger Man!” she declared definitively.

But O’Reilly said, “I know what the woman’s trying to do. But is it too much?”

Just the fact that he even asked such a question must have sent shockwaves into the hearts of Christmas warriors all over the country, if not the world.

O’Reilly continued, saying Groth's “intention is good but it might be – imagine if you lived next door to this woman. I mean, you’d be blinded. You’d have to get a German Shepherd to lead you around. It’s a lot of wattage.”

“You’re very Scrooge-like,” Huddy countered. She thought the town needed to lighten up and back off. “She does this for charity. She collects money for charity. People in her neighborhood should collect money for her to pay an electrician.”

But O’Reilly said, “I think a compromise could be reached that maybe one or two ginger men could be moved away.”

As News Hounds Priscilla noted in a private email to me recently, neither of us have seen O’Reilly hot on the trail of secular progressive Christmas wreckers this year, the way he has in the past. And now this. Of course, there's still almost two more weeks until Christmas so maybe O'Reilly will get in the holiday spirit and start attacking people in the name of Jesus again soon!

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