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Bernard Goldberg: We Should Build A Monument To Honor The Rich

Reported by Ellen - December 11, 2010 -

Bernard Goldberg visited America Live yesterday (12/10/10) in a segment FoxNews.com called Time to thank, not soak the rich? That, it turned out, was an understatement for what Goldberg thinks should be done. He told host Megyn Kelly, “I suggest that we build a big bronze and granite monument, a statue to honor some truly American heroes, unsung American heroes… the rich.”

The segment was another of several segments in which Fox News pundits whined about “class warfare” against the rich while insinuating that they are somehow superior to the poor.

Kelly introduced the discussion with a clip of Senator Bernie Sanders in which, as she put it, “Sanders demonized the wealthy.” Funny, I don’t recall any outrage about the daily demonization of liberals on Fox.

In fact, no sooner did Goldberg come on the air than he took a swipe at Democrats. “(Sanders is) the only who’s an avowed socialist in Congress. There are many others who behave like socialists.” That sounds like demonization to me but Kelly either didn’t notice or didn’t think it worth noting.

Then Goldberg got to the heart of his argument:

I suggest that we build a big bronze and granite monument, a statue to honor some truly American heroes, unsung American heroes… the rich… Try to imagine an America without rich people. Rich people pay the freight for a whole bunch of things that are good, like taking care of poor people who can’t afford to buy food and medicine and sending other kids to college… The top one percent of all wage earners pay almost 40 percent of all our federal income taxes. The top five percent pay 60 percent and the top 10 percent pay 70 percent. Now I’m not saying, Megyn, that these people are selfless philanthropists. I’m not even saying that they need a tax break. But I’ll tell you what they don’t need. They don’t need to be vilified by people like Bernie Sanders and a whole bunch of other liberal Democrats in Congress.

…I’m not defending anybody who’s crooked or anybody who sent this economy into a tailspin… There are a lot of people out there who worked hard for their money… Maybe they’re not making a million or a billion dollars but something over $250,000. These people deserve our gratitude. I mean, how many poor – by the way, the bottom 50 percent of taxpayers… pay a paltry 2.7 percent of all the federal income tax. So how many of those people, how many of those people do you think are helping the poor in this country. It’s the rich who are disproportionately paying taxes and disproportionately helping the poor.

Kelly, who you may recall carped last spring that people earning $250,000 a year are not rich, was predictably sympathetic. “Yeah, the odds are that you’re employed by a rich person or that someone in your family is employed by a rich person and while there are some who do bad things on Wall Street, they’re not all bad.” She went on to urge viewers to read Goldberg’s column on his website. “It is worth the read,” she said.

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