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Gretchen Carlson Pimps "War on Christians" With Anti-Obama World Net Daily Writer, Brad O'Leary

Reported by Priscilla - December 10, 2010 -

Good thing that Fox "News" is there to cheer on the good Christian soldiers who watch Fox because the culture war has many fronts. Not only is there a war on Christmas; there's also a war on Christianity. But persecuted Christians need not worry because Fox & Friends is there to inspire them to fight the satanic forces which, if not for Fox "News," would be triumphant in their desire to end the world as we know it with their dirty godless agenda. This morning, five star general in Fox "News" legion of decency, Gretchen Carlson, hosted (and agreed with) yet another in a long line of persecuted Christians who claims - ya ready for it - that "there's a concerted effort to replace allegiance to God with allegiance to government." Who knew! But more seriously, who cares! Obviously Fox "News!" But if you want a look into the bizarrro world of "out there" Christian conspiratorialists, such as Gretch's guest, World Net Daily writer Brad O'Leary, read on. This morning's interview was one of the most egregious examples of one sided right wing Christian propaganda that I've ever seen on Fox & Friends - and I've seen lots of it! Gretch's interview was full tilt vintage persecuted (and lying) Christian complete with the apocalyptic Christian "battle" references on the chyrons. And while it's compellingly bizarre, it's also rather funny as in "WTF?!" Oh, and I almost forgot, Gretch was also able to smear Barack Obama so it was all good - so good! Praise Jesus!

Extra good Christian Gretchen Carlson, looking very serious, introduced her guest Brad O'Leary, author of "America's War on Christianity." O'Leary writes a column for the right wing World Net Daily, an uber right wing website that traffics in Barack Obama birth conspiracies. O'Leary also commissions Zogby Polls that have "fair & balanced" questions like "Is Obama a Muslim?" He authored "The Audacity of Deceit" which is about how Obama "could destroy America as we know it." Gretch told O'Leary that when she was on jury duty, she was surprised that the word "God" is still used in the oath. Agitprop chyron: "War on Christianity, What Happened to Freedom of Religion?" She said "you say that might be going away." Ready for it - O'Leary agreed and said that "the war is to get rid of and not allow people to use the name of Jesus or the name Christ." (Jesus Christ!). He said that this is the reason for the "fight in Tulsa" (you guys lost! LOL). He talked about "winter parties in school" while the chyron read "Battle in America, O'Leary: Secular Attempts To Ruin Christmas." He actually said - are ya ready for it - that US Military chaplains are forbidden to say "Jesus Christ" and that Catholic chaplains can't reference the Trinity. (WTF?) Gretch worked in the requisite right wing talking point that Obama is godless with her comment about O'Leary's reaction to Obama having said that this "isn't a Christian nation" which, Gretch added, "was a speech overseas." (Pretty slick Gretch, you cropped the quote: One of the great strengths of the United States is... we have a very large Christian population -- we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values.") O'Leary said that this battle is going on "all over the country but we don't notice" (No Shit, Sherlock because it's not real!) He claimed that pastors have to get a permit if they want to hold a bible study group because of traffic problems. (Only half true as explained on Snopes) The chyron:"Christians vs.Bureaucrats: Rasmussen: 80% of Americans Believe in Jesus."

Gretch said that she's worried about the young people because her kids' school substituted the word "holiday" in the song "we wish you a Merry Christmas." More war rhetoric in this chyron: "O'Leary, War Ragin in America, Bureacrats Grateful For State, Not God." (Gretch, God doesn't sign their paychecks so WTF?) Another misleading chyron: "The War on Religion: "Stimulus, No Funds to Religious Facilities" (The stimulus provided $140 million in stimulus money to faith-based groups.) O'Leary referenced the "big campaign" that atheists have launched against God and Christianity. His "evidence" of the "big campaign" - the NJ Xmas is a myth billboard. Gretch cited the poll which indicated that 80% of Americans believe in Jesus. (And that proves...??) O'Leary agreed when she asked if the objection to saying Christmas is because Christ is in the word. He repeated his lie that the military and the Virginia police chaplain core can't use the name Jesus.

Comment: If you want an example of Fox "News" propaganda, this is Exhibit A. While the totally crazy nature of O'Leary's comments was amusing, it's a little disconcerting to know that those "faith based" Fox fans, who saw this, believe the bullshit which Carlson did nothing to rebut. O'Leary's point about the chaplains is a great, big "Christian" lie. It's based on fabricated testimony from former Navy Chaplain and far right evangelical Gordon Klingenschmitt who claims that he was targetted for praying in Jesus name. What O'Leary didn't mention is that there is a real problem with evangelical chaplains harassing non evangelical members of the military. O'Leary's claim about the Virginia police chaplains is a lie.The issue involved the head of the Viriginia State Police issuing a directive to police chaplains to refrain from denominational prayers at public events in order to be respectful of of the various beliefs of the employees. The new evangelical Virginia governor has rescinded the order. But for "America's Newsroom," there should be no respect for other traditions because 80% of Americans love Jesus and those who don't should STFU!

Note - on the Chaplain site for Walter Reed Hospital there is a schedule for Catholic Mass. Somehow I doubt that they're not mentioning the Trinity!


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