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Judge Orders Beck Gold Advertiser Into Receivership

Reported by Ellen - December 8, 2010 -

One of Glenn Beck's gold advertisers has had its assets frozen. As Mother Jones reports, prosecutors in California have alleged fraud and wrongdoing against the Superior Gold Group, charges that are substantially similar to the more widely publicized allegations against another Beck advertiser, Goldline. (H/T Hula)

Mother Jones' Stephanie Mencimer wrote:

Putting a company in receivership is a pretty drastic and very rare move for a judge in a civil case. It does not bode well for Beck's other and much bigger gold advertiser, Goldline, which has also been accused of very similar tactics, as Mother Jones documented earlier this year. The California prosecutors are also investigating Goldline. Both companies have claimed that they were targeted solely because of liberal outrage about Beck's political viewpoints, and touted their outstanding ratings from the Better Business Bureau in their defense. But the dramatic business seizure on Monday of Superior Gold suggests that the consumer complaints were not only legitimate, but that the situation may be worse there than any of the critics suspected. Whether Goldline is in the same boat is hard to know, but the swift takeover of Superior Gold has to be making Goldline (and Beck, too) awfully nervous.

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