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Got Homophobia? Tucker Carlson Mocks "Flamboyant" Gay Soldiers And Says Repeal Of DADT Is A "Joke"

Reported by Priscilla - December 8, 2010 -

Famous "dick," Tucker Carlson, has a problem with teh gay. Carlson, a proponent of conservative "family values," has actually claimed that he assaulted a man who, according to Carlson, hit on Tucker (hmmmm) in a men's room. When he hosted Sean Hannity's show, Carlson and fellow right wing "family values" guy Brent Bozell participated in the gay baiting of a man who serves on President Obama's "Faith Based & Neighborhood Partnership Program." During a Fox & Friends interview about school bullying, gay basher Carlson told Steve Doocy that grammar school anti-bullying programs, which reference homosexuality, are just silly because the FBI told Tucker that second graders aren't taunted with anti-gay slurs. Carlson's homophobia is even seen in his website, "The Daily Caller, which describes MSNBC host and openly gay (and awesome!) Rachel Maddow as a man. So it's not surprising that Tucker Carlson, who despite his intense patriotism never put his posh ass on the line in our military, mocks those gay soldiers who have been discharged because they were gay. Why does Tucker Carlson hate the troops?

On this morning's Fox & Friends, Carlson was trying to make the point that the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is a "sideshow" and "stupid" issue and that it wasn't "central to American security." Former DNC finance chair, Robert Zimmerman said that, because of DADT, the US has a shortage of Arabic translators. Forgetting that we are at war in Arabic speaking countries, Carlson said "spare me" and added that "it's a politically aggressive interest group that supported the President that wants it to happen." (So does DefSec Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs Chair Admiral Mike Mullen). Zimmerman said that "it's about standing up for justice and American security." When Zimmerman said that solidiers are getting thrown out of the service for sexual orientation, Carlson said "give me a break." Brian Kilmeade, who was either joking or being stupid, said "if we repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell, we'll have more Arabic translators? Most of them are gay?" Zimmerman said "that's exactly right." Carlson's homophobia was unable to be contained with his interjection ""Most translators are gay and flamboyantly so." Kilmeade laughed. Zimmerman defended these soldiers in saying that "this is not a joke if you serve our country loyally". Carlson shouted that he wasn't "arguing against repeal of DADT" but "merely saying that the idea that this is the central question in American life is everything that's wrong with the Democratic party which is totally controlled by interest groups" (Like the Republican party and the Chamber of Commerce and big energy interests?) "they're mad about this one issue so all our attention is focused on it." He added that "it's laughable" and that in a period of unemployment "we're worried about Don't Ask Don't Tell when the economy is collapsing is a joke."

Comment: Tucker Carlson is a joke and a sick one. He doesn't think that gay soldiers are discharged? Really? Perhaps he should talk to Dan Choi, Darren Manzella, Justin Elzie and the rest of the 13,500 service people who have been discharged due to DADT. Maybe he should speak with the former Marine, Brian Fricke, whose partner was unable to be with the family groups welcoming Fricke's battalion home - and all the others who are forced to deny their very nature in order to continue serving their country. Yeah, it's "laughable" and a "real sideshow." Carlson is entitled to his opinion and not his facts which were conspicuously absent during this discussion. I guess he doesn't know that as of 2006, according to the GAO, "nearly 800 dismissed gay or lesbian service members had critical abilities, including 300 with important language skills. Fifty-five were proficient in Arabic" But according to Tucker, not only is this no big deal; but those dismissed were flaming "queens" so who cares (Nice bit of homophobic stereotyping from somebody who, I suspect, could be out macho'd by any gay service member!) as it's not "the central question in American life." Jon Stewart was so right about Tucker being a "dick." I would add the descriptive adjective "big" and in this case, size matters!

Cognitive Dissonance Alert - Carlson says he supports repeal of DADT while disparaging it as trivial. it. Hello????? And then there's that comment about "flamboyant" soldiers? Excuse me? Is that like "some of my best friends are gay." Oh, Mary, don't ask!


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