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Charles Krauthammer: Obama Won The Tax Cut Deal With Republicans

Reported by Ellen - December 8, 2010 -

I don't usually look to Charles Krauthammer for insight into politics but he's a smart guy and not ideological. So I thought it was worth posting his comments about President Obama's tax cut compromise. According to Krauthammer, Obama "won" the deal.

Krauthammer said the left "misunderstands" what Obama has achieved. "He just got the Republicans to agree to a near trillion dollar, 900 billion dollar stimulus, a second stimulus... none of it will be paid for, blowing a huge hole in the debt, and he did this without even calling it a stimulus." He added that the "stimulus" would be dispensed over the next two years "which just happen to be the two years in the run up to Obama's re-election. You gonna call that a defeat?"


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