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Hannity Whines About “Class Warfare” While Suggesting Poor Don’t Pay Enough Taxes

Reported by Ellen - December 7, 2010 -

Life is just so tough for poor little rich boy Sean Hannity. Not only is he burdened with being rich enough to pay more taxes than poor people, he’s the victim of class warfare!

In his Great American Panel segment Friday night (12/3/10), one of many discussions in which Hannity whined about the unfair tax burden on the rich, Hannity asked, “So does the issue of class warfare… does this work, is this a winner for the Democrats?”

Frank Donatelli, GOPAC chairman, said no, but that it would
“mobilize the liberal base… It just drives them crazy… They’re demanding tax increases on the most productive citizens.”

Of course, Hannity did not consider THAT class warfare.

Liberal panelist Caroline Heldman said, “The class warfare here is the largest shift of wealth from the middle class to the upper two percent that we’ve seen in the last three decades.”

“Wait a minute,” Hannity interrupted. “We’re talking about an opportunity society and a freedom society and the bottom 50%, I said this twice tonight - ”

Heldman interrupted to say that “The hardest working Americans are those who are scrubbing toilets and working two to three jobs.”

“Listen, that’s my background and my life,” Hannity said. Correction: That WAS your life. Many years ago. Long before you moved into a multimillion dollar Centre Island mansion with seven fireplaces, a pool, tennis court and water frontage.

“Regular guy” Hannity continued, “I did all of those jobs – in construction and in restaurants… The bottom 50% don’t pay very much in taxes (he was banging on the table) on a percentage basis, 50% pay 2.9%. The top 1% pay 40%. What do you want? …The top 10% pay 70% of the bill.”

I’ve got a suggestion for Hannity. If he thinks it’s so tough being rich, why doesn’t he go back to being poor?

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