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Dick Morris Calls Obama Tax Cut Deal “A Surrender”

Reported by Ellen - December 7, 2010 -

While President Obama called his compromise to extend the Bush tax cuts a “bipartisan agreement,” it was no surprise that Dick Morris took to the Hannity airwaves and called it “a surrender.” Just as predictably, Morris licked his lips over the future implications.

Morris didn’t bother to hide his glee.

To characterize this as a deal is like that famous deal that Emperor Hirohito struck with MacArthur on the battleship Missouri. This is a surrender. This is absolutely Obama caving in. And the Republicans had to extend unemployment benefits anyway because you’re not gonna give a tax cut and at the same time cut off unemployment benefits. But this shows that Obama will blink. And it’s the first of the trifecta of confrontations: this one, the next one will be state bankruptcies, when we’re called on to bail out and then the enchilada which will be defunding Obamacare, a balanced budget plan and blocking the EPA from cap and trade… It is terribly significant that Barack Obama caved in.

Hannity noted that “Democrats are furious” and that “House Democrats have not agreed to anything yet so this deal is not quite done yet. Do you think they’ll push back enough to stop it?”

Morris said that it’s possible but didn’t think it mattered because the incoming House will adopt the plan if the current House does not. Morris then added, “If you were to date what was the beginning of the momentum for a Democratic primary against Barack Obama, it would really be tonight.”

Morris was once again disingenuously introduced as “former Clinton advisor” to give the impression that he’s either a Democrat or an independent. In fact, Morris himself made it clear he is a Republican partisan. In this discussion, he said, “While we lost control of the Senate…”

Morris also urged viewers to go to his website for a bit of GOP activism regarding two Republican senators (Coburn and Crapo) who broke with their party to support the Deficit Commission’s plan. “I urge people over the next week - not just tomorrow, all week long - call them, write them bombard them,” “former Clinton advisor” Morris said.

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