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Brian Kilmeade Disses Diversity?

Reported by Priscilla - December 7, 2010 -

Fox & Friends, as stalwart conservative guardians of the public purse, are upset about the recent revelation that, in 2006, the Philadelphia Public Housing Authority held a "diversity training" event that included belly dancers and which cost $17,150 of taxpayer money. It does seem excessive. Any diversity training course that I attended included a speaker and a power point presentation. Coffee and pastries might have been provided - but certainly not belly dancers! It was a good opportunity, however, for Fox & Friends to talk about government waste (like abstinence education?) and as it showed an African American man in an embarrassing photo it was Fox "News" gold. The discussion, with former Philadelphia City Controller Brett Mandel, was pretty straightforward until this question from an outraged looking Brian Kilmeade: "What strikes you as most egregious, $17,000 for a party, the belly dancers, or the celebration of diversity." To Mandel's credit he responded that "diversity training is a good thing." Interesting, so was the intended Fox propaganda message really about the "egregious" evils of government excess or the "egregious" evils of diversity? If the latter, it sounds like Fox "News" needs to do a little diversity training of its own!


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