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Gretchen Carlson: Tulsa OK "Holiday Parade" Shows That "Christianity Takes The Boot" - Senator Jim Inhofe Agrees

Reported by Priscilla - December 6, 2010 -

Gretchen Carlson and I don't live in the same America. While I see lots of churches and church related activities, Gretchen lives in a place where Christians are stifled and churches are locked. So in order to get her special angel wings, good Christian Gretchen uses her bully pulpit at Fox to denounce satanic political correctness which panders to inclusiveness and to pander to persecuted Christians who denounce everybody else. As I reported in my earlier thread, Fox "News," in its annual "war on Christmas" coverage, has zoomed in on the Tulsa Oklahoma "Holiday Parade of Lights" (not a religious event) which, up until two years ago, was the "Christmas Parade of Lights." Obviously, the "PC" forces of darkness were responsible for this travesty and as such, Oklahoma GOP Senator Jim Inhofe, one of Jesus' best BFF's (and quite possibly the greatest intellect in the US Senate) is boycotting the parade. (Jesus wept). Knowing that he would have warm Christian fellowship, he appeared this morning on America's number one morning Christian show, otherwise known as Fox & Friends. It was yet another opportunity for good Christian Gretchen Carlson to articulate some righteous Christian anger towards those small business folks who hate the baby Jesus. But funny, as of two days ago, neither the Tulsa area churches nor the participants in the parade were upset. But good Christian Gretchen Carlson is, so it's all good!

Gretch reported that Senator Jim Inhofe is boycotting the parade after the word "Christmas" was removed. For those who aren't familiar with Inhofe, he's quite the "Christian." He's homophobic - he once bragged that he was "proud" that there were no homosexuals in his family. He's stupid - he claims that God wouldn't allow global warming. He's stupid and bigoted - he said there should be racial and ethnic profiling because all terrorists are Muslim and Middle Eastern. And praise the Lord, he's bringing Africans to Jesus as part of "C Street" missionary junkets. So given his devout "Christianity," it's was no surprise to see him validated, on Fox & Friends, for his courageous decision (supported by Fox Catholic chaplain Jonathan Morris) to boycott the parade. The agitprop chyron reinforced Morris' Sunday sermon: "End of Tradition." Gretch played part of her interview with the parade chairperson who said that if folks don't want to participate that's their thing and a silly one at that. Gretch introduced Inhofe and described how he wasn't participating because of this break with - are ya ready for it - "tradition." Inhofe remarked about how he rode his horse in the parade for 30 years and stopped when the name was changed. (He didn't mention that he didn't participate last year because he was busy with health care!) A photo of Inhofe, on horseback, was shown over "Parade of Lights Controversy." When he said that he didn't understand why the name was changed, Gretch said that the chairperson didn't provide her with an adequate answer and "why change the name after 70 years of it working." She said that he didn't say if there were any complaints "from constituents" in Tulsa but alluded to the possibility that it was "a sponsor." Perhaps hoping for a name so that this person could get nice Christian death threats, she asked Inhofe if he knew anything about that. He said he didn't and then launched into an area in which he and Gretch are muy sympatico.

He said "look around the country, there are atheist billboards" (Oh, yeah, just thousands of them!) He didn't expect this sacrilege in Oklahoma. Wonder if Gretch wrote this agitprop chyron: "Too Politically Correct? Some Say That Parade Change Name Went Too Far." He said that what he celebrates is the birth of Jesus. While a photo of the evil atheist Christmas is "a myth" billboard was shown, Gretch got in the agitprop talking point of the day - "So, what you’re saying is, that it’s not like you’re not tolerant of other religions. … What you’re saying is — what a lot of people are saying in our society right now — which is if we’re supposed to be tolerate of all these other religions, which pretty much everyone accepts, why does it always seem like Christianity is the one to take the boot." Inhofe said that Democratic Lanny Davis agreed with him (huh?) and that Davis is Jewish. Inhofe claimed that folks in other faiths wonder why Christians are always picked on. (Not on Fox where the religious scapegoat is Islam). He added that on New Years Eve, he will be in Afghanistan where, he thinks, 90% of the troops agree with him. (Yeah, they're really concerned about a holiday parade when they're trying not to get killed!) Good Christian Gretch wished him a "Merry Christmas." The baby Jesus is so happy!

Comment: If Gretch were "fair & balanced," she could could have mentioned that the parade will still include Christian themes. She could have mentioned how the organizers are tying to be more inclusive. But no, Gretch just did her patented "outrage" against those who are trying to ruin Christmas for good Christians. In defending persecuted Christians, Gretch must have a special place in Christian heaven (no "PC" inclusiveness there!) reserved for her. Excuse me while I gag!


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