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Fox "News" Resident Priest & Catholic Christmas Crusader, Father Jonathan Morris, Condemns Tulsa OK Parade Name Change

Reported by Priscilla - December 6, 2010 -

What is consistently shown on TV on Sunday? If you say sporting events, you're only partially right. Sunday is the day on which Roman Catholic priest, Father Jonathan Morris is given a Fox "News" pulpit from which to present little sermonettes on whatever right wing point needs presenting. There is a growing number of conservative Catholic voters and what better way to cultivate them than to have a Catholic priest give them their right wing talking points. The conservative Catholic Fox viewer has already been trained to believe, without question, whatever their priestly authorities tell them. Thus, if a priest on Fox tells them something, it conditions them to believe what Fox tells them. Fox knows how to ring that Pavlov bell! And as I've noted, America is religiously diverse; but Fox "News," like the Catholic Magesterium, thinks that there's only "one true church" and thus Father Morrison is the only clergy member to which Fox "News" has given its "imprimatur"(that's the papal seal of approval for all you non-Catholic heathens.) This being the time for Fox "New" to get its "war on Christmas" revved up, it wasn't surprising to see that they're taking on the evil Oklahoma secularists who have blasphemed by renaming the Christmas parade of lights the "Holiday" parade of lights. (The baby Jesus is weeping). As such, one of America's great Christian statesmen, Senator Jim Inhofe, is boycotting the parade. The same Oklahoma folks who are outraged about creeping Sharia are outraged about this. What a great topic for the Pope's cute little Christmas elf (whoops, mixing holiday metaphors), Father Jonathan Morris to discuss, in his weekly Fox "News" homily! Fox's annual "coverage" of the bogus "war on Christmas," is reminiscent of Pope Urban's call for a crusade, "God wills it!" (Clement would have been perfect for Fox "News") But don't worry Christians, Christmas is safe because Fox "News" wills it!

Yesterday, Dave Briggs reported the change in the name of the parade and asked "isn't it important to keep these traditions?" He didn't note that the name was changed two years ago! The chyron: "Tradition Ceases, Tulsa Deletes 'Christmas" from Parade Title." (Must have been a bummer when the southern "tradition" of segregated public facilities ended!) Alysin Camerota asked Father J "what people are afraid of" in making the change. Morrison said that "not wanting to offend people" was good - but - "if you're going to have a parade for 30 years celebrating Christmas, call it what it is." (As noted in the "Tulsa World," "The new name simply recognized Christmas within the context of the winter celebrations of other religions.") Morrison dramatically enthused that if you're going to have Christmas, Hannukah, or Muslim party "do it." Briggs said that he lived in the area and this has been a Christmas parade for 30 years. Morris worked in the requisite Christian conservative meme about how the Constitution prohibits the establishment of one religion over another and asked if the "government is putting Christmas above every other religion. No. Because they're allowing other religions to have their parades." (If the city council denies the parade a permit (not noted by Morris) only if it goes back to being a "Christmas parade," I believe that there is a First Amendment issue but whatever...)

Alysin Camerota talked about how Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe has attended this parade every year but is boycotting it this year. Fact Check: Inhofe didn't attend last year because, he claimed, he was too busy with the health care debate. Morris agreed with him because "we have to do something, stand up a say if we take out the meaning of the tradition, the meaning of the parade in this case, pretty soon we'll have no reason to celebrate at all. (So Father, you're saying that faith is so weak that it will be destroyed by using "holiday" instead of "Christmas." You're saying that this will prevent folks from going to religious services. You're saying that this will destroy the commercialism that is the real reason for the season. Hate to break to ya but secularists celebrate the "holiday" which includes non religious motifs such as Santa and all the other non religious tchoke!) Briggs asked if this was based on "just one letter to the editor of the Tulsa world." He did the requisite right wing agitprop about how just one person ruins it for the rest with "Instead of representing the masses in Tulsa, which is a very Christian town...." Morris claimed that courts say that if people, in an area, are celebrating something that is important to them, they can call it whatever they want (which court decisions said that?) and the government should support that" because it's a "cultural reality." (Oh, so if Muslims in Dearborn want a government sponsored Muslim event, that's legit?)

Comment: The parade is being sponsored by private, small businesses. If they are cool with the name change shouldn't good, business supporting conservatives support that? But Jeff Laird, editorial page editor of "The Columbian" says it best:. "The supposed “War on Christmas” — which only the defenders seem to fight — is resumed. Just as predictable as Santa’s flight and Bill O’Reilly’s defense of Christmas, this is the season when Inhofe and other xenophobes shudder at the thought of Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews and atheists feeling welcome at a parade. This is worse, to them, than mere political correctness or the creeping incursion of diversity... Now, though, it’s time to put on the full armor of prejudice and go to war. If the righteous, good senator and his followers get their way, they might as well call it the Holiday Parade of Self-Absorption. But if the more learned followers of Christ get their way, all people will be invited to share the love of the holidays, whether in the streets, at the hearth, around the dinner table or in our hearts" Too bad the holy "Father" can't see it this way.


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