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Hannity Whines About Not Being Invited To White House Christmas Party

Reported by Ellen - December 5, 2010 -

Get out your violins and your hankies. Poor Sean Hannity has not been invited to the White House Christmas party!

At the beginning of his Great American Panel segment Friday night (12/3/10), Hannity said, “This may be off topic and very self-indulgent on my part and if it is, fine. When George W. Bush was president, I went to the White House Christmas party one year. My wife wanted to go and we had a great time and I see all these liberal media types there. All the liberals are there. Apparently, the invitations have gone out for the media, which are invited… I know people even at this network that got an invitation. I have not gotten my invitation. This is two years in a row it got lost in the mail. And I wanna know where’s my invitation, ‘cause if I get my invitation, I’m gonna go.”

Well, Seanie Pooh, maybe the White House concluded that someone who deceptively edits the president's statements, paints the president as a racist - while catering to racists, himself - someone who helped legitimize a birther and a phony birther lawsuit and someone who routinely calls the president a radical socialist – maybe, just maybe, the White House concluded that someone who doesn’t behave like a credible pundit should not be treated as one.

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