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Gretchen Carlson Says Atheists Make "Christians Feel Alone At Christmas"

Reported by Priscilla - December 3, 2010 -

Now that it's the holiday season (ewww, I just blasphemed!) it's time for Bill O'Reilly, the commander-in-chief of the war on those who engage in the "war on Christmas, to launch his annual figgy puddings against those evil secularist Grinch's who are trying to steal this beloved time of stress and commercial excess. The New Jersey atheist billboard, which says that Christmas is a "myth," has already been covered on both "Fox & Friends and "America Live." Thus, it wasn't a surprise that it was a topic for Bill O'Reilly's conservative, blonde "culture warriors" as it was an opportunity for good, persecuted Christian Gretchen Carlson to do her patented outrage about those who, according to Gretch, shouldn't be allowed First Amendment rights on Christmas.

Bill said that he "doesn't object" to atheists but "why would you want to run down...people's sincere beliefs...do they think this is going to create more atheists?" (Actually Bill, in addition to the information presented on the above cited Fox programs, there's a lot of press information on this billboard which folks are probably not looking at if they're trying to navigate this part of NJ 495!). When Gretch said that it's getting attention, Bill said that it's making people angrier against atheists. (If Christians are resolute in their faith, why are they angry at atheists?) Gretch said that these billboards are never erected in July, "they always try and hijack the Christian season." Bill wanted to know "what is the mentality that you want to put this stuff up and offend people who enjoy Christmas...?" Gretch said that "this society has made it easier for them to do that." (Oh, Gretch, let's bring back the Inquisition and burn those nasty atheists who try to "do" this!) Margaret Hoover commented that the website states that "atheists feel alone at Christmas." That's when Gretchen Carlson actually said - ready for it - I'm not making it up

"Christians feel alone at Christmas."

Bill joked that "the entire month of December they can't come out." Gretch, who is always surrounded by warm Fox Christian fellowship said "that's so crazy" and repeated

"Christians feel alone at Christmas right now in this society that we live in because we're supposed to be tolerant of every religion, oh, except Christianity, especially around Christmas time."

Bill said that he doesn't feel alone and he's a Christian. (the loofah denomination?). When Hoover said that this campaign is to encourage atheists to be honest with themselves..." Bill interjected "about hating Christmas." She continued "about not believing in God." Bill mocked "why don't they walk around with a big sign, I don't believe in God." (Like wearing great, big, Christian cross bling like uber Christian conservative Laura Ingraham?) Hoover continued "to encourage them to come out of the closet." Carlson got the "last word" with a stat about how "91% of Americans said they believe in God or a "universal spirit." She admonished the atheists to "get over it." To Bill's question of "get over what," she responded that "a majority of Americans doesn't agree with your billboards."

Comment: Uh, Gretch, according to another recent poll, "Among Americans ages 18-29, one-in-four say they are not currently affiliated with any particular religion." Only 78.4% of the population is Christian. As such, these folks might not be invested in "the Nativity" one way or another. There are many people who do believe in a universal spirit which implies that "the Nativity" - the birth of a Christian "savior" - means nothing to them. The Jews, obviously, don't believe in the Christmas story. (After the "birth" of Jesus, things went progressively down hill for Jews!) But let's talk about Christians feeling alone at Christmas. WTF???? During the Christmas season, you can't go anywhere without treacly "Christian" Christmas music playing in the background. Everywhere you look your visual senses are assaulted with tacky Christmas (secular as well as religious) displays and lights. Churches are jam packed on Christmas so where is the loneliness? And if persecuted Christians feel lonely at Christmas, all they have to do is watch Fox for some nice, Christian affirmation.

Hey Gretch, atheists aren't trying to ruin your Christmas. Get over it!


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