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Fox News Asks "What Would Dobbs Do" About Meg Whitman's Illegal Maid

Reported by Ellen - December 3, 2010 -

Here's another good example of Fox News bias. I doubt anyone who isn't greatly interested in purging illegals from the country thinks much about the post-election fate of Nicky Diaz, the maid who helped derail Meg Whitman's gubernatorial campaign. But putting that aside, who but a Fox News propagandist would bring Lou Dobbs on The O'Reilly Factor, without any other guests, and call that a "fair and balanced" discussion? To make matters worse, they didn't even mention that Diaz was recently awarded $5,500 in back pay from Whitman.

Dobbs seemed to make a conscious effort to play down his fiery antagonism toward illegal immigrants but it's clear that this segment was designed not to inform about but to target Diaz.

Also, check out the name of Dobb's regular new O'Reilly gig This particular video was called What Would Dobbs Do? on FoxNews.com.

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