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Bill O'Reilly: Abortion = Execution

Reported by Priscilla - December 3, 2010 -

The first part of this week's Bill O'Reilly's "culture war" segment dealt with a Minnesota couple, Pete and Alisha Arnold, who have set up a website on which the public can vote on whether Alisha should have an abortion. There is a growing skepticism, even in anti-choice circles, that this could be a prank given the strangeness of it all. The "culture warriors" were, I believe, quite correct in their commentary that something this private shouldn't be on the internet. And I really thought that Bill, whose extreme anti-choice views were reflected in his constant attack on Dr. George Tiller as a "baby killer," was actually showing some objectivity. He used the clinical terminology for abortion; i.e. "terminating a fetus." So far, so good. But then he said "this is a human life we're talking about." However, he did say that he didn't have a problem with Margaret Hoover's response (kudos to her for her strong defense of a woman's right to an abortion) that this is a "potential human life" although he added that this "potential human being" has human DNA. Hmm, where is this going? The answer was downhill as he then said that it was "disgusting that you would put this up for a vote on whether to execute it." Terms like "murder," "execution" etc, with regard to abortion, are part of the incendiary rhetoric that gets clinics vandalized and abortion providers, like Dr. George Tiller, murdered. Of course, Bill's incendiary rhetoric provided him with a "Courage Award" from the SPLC designated hate group "The Family Research Council" so it's all good. Gotta love those "traditionalist" O'Reilly "family values."

"Fair & Balanced"

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