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On O’Reilly, Michael Scheuer Suggests President Obama Is A Traitor Re WikiLeaks

Reported by Ellen - December 2, 2010 -

Whenever I see Fox News “terrorism expert” Michael Scheuer, I think of that old line in Alice’s Restaurant when Arlo Guthrie, trying to make the army think he’s crazy, tells a psychiatrist, “I want to want to kill. I mean, I wanna, I wanna kill… I mean kill, Kill, KILL, KILL." But instead of getting passed over for the draft, as Guthrie hoped, a sergeant tells him, “You’re our boy.” The only difference is that Scheuer is, pardon the pun, deadly serious. But no matter how extreme his comments, he’s still Fox News’ guy. Last night (12/1/10) on The O’Reilly Factor, Scheuer took a break from advocating more killing to suggest that President Obama is a traitor for allowing the WikiLeaks document release to happen. There was no pushback from host Bill O’Reilly.

It seems that nothing Scheuer says is too extreme to damage his credibility with Fox News. Some examples:

Scheuer has suggested approval of a Civil War as imagined by Glenn Beck.

Scheuer told Beck that in order to "save" America, we need “Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States."

Scheuer complained on Fox & Friends, "We're not killing enough people" in Afghanistan.

Scheuer implored the U.S. to attack North Korea and "destroy" its Navy.

Yet Scheuer continues to be presented as a highly credibly expert.

As has become customary on Fox, the O’Reilly Factor avoided talking about the substance of the leaked documents in order to make the story all about attacking President Obama. O’Reilly introduced the segment by saying, “Now for the top story tonight, why is the president not talking about WikiLeaks? Why?”

Ironically, the same question could be asked about O’Reilly whose “WikiLeaks discussions” are akin to attacking a teen mother for getting pregnant and calling that a discussion of teenage pregnancy and motherhood.

Scheuer got right with the program. He said the president has established “a pretty good record of not talking about things that would defend America. He and Holder have been very good at criticizing Americans about how we’ve lost our moral compass. He always has time to talk about has-been Burmese journalists and Chinese writers you never hear of but when it comes to defending America, Bill, he’s generally pretty quiet.”

O’Reilly added to this suggestion that Obama is not a staunch America lover by saying, “Everybody knows, everybody who has a brain knows that there’s something preventing the president from taking a strong stand. I don’t know what that is.”

Scheuer went on to suggest that Obama is sympathetic to treason. “The president, when the first announcement was made that these things were going to be leaked, could have ordered the U.S. military or the Central Intelligence Agency to destroy the website Mr. Assange was going to use and prevent any leaks at all… The president is cheek by jowl with the ACLU. He doesn’t want to upset those people or the New York Times. Somehow committing treason now has become protected by the First Amendment.”

Finally, Scheuer drove his point home and suggested that Obama has personally committed treason or at least abetted it. “I think we live – at least here in Washington – in very much a lawless environment because I think you have to remember President Bush and President Obama have leaked very, very highly classified material, along with their lieutenants, to Bob Woodward. And Mr. Woodward brags in his books about the national security documents he’s received from our governments. So it’s a very lawless situation, Bill. …If you look at Woodward’s recent book, Obama’s Wars, he should be in jail for publishing that material except that the material came from the President of the United States.”

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