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Doocy & Kilmeade Frustrated that Fox & Friends Guest Doesn't Play Persecuted Christian?

Reported by Priscilla - December 2, 2010 -

A popular right wing meme is that those on "welfare" (read minorities) love to play the "victim" and that these lazy schlubs should just suck it up. But it's ironic, don't ya think, that conservative America's number one morning bible show, otherwise known and Fox & Friends is constantly featuring "Christians" who are constantly whining about being the victim of evil secular forces. This theme of persecuted Christian is so very Fox as it provides yet more "proof" to its faith based audience that America is divided into two camps - a Messianic dualistic world of good and bad in which Fox and its audience, who are fighting evil librul secular forces, are on the side of the angels. But this morning, good Christians Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade interviewed somebody whom they assumed was just another persecuted Christian - a high school football player who was penalized for invoking God after a touchdown. This set the stage for what they thought would be some righteous Christian indignation. Turns out that the football player, Ronnie Hastie, didn't play their game and that the only outrage was from Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade who definitely fouled out on this one!

Doocy introduced the topic with a vintage Doocy mouth contorting facial expression: "A high school football player penalized for praying?" After showing a video of the football player dropping to his knees and praising the lord, Doocy said that the Ronnie Hastie was penalized. Kilmeade interjected "scored a touchdown and said a prayer." Sports guy Kilmeade asked Hastie if he felt that the 15 yard penalty was wrong. Hastie said that he was just trying to play the game. Kilmeade noted that professional football players do the same thing and asked, regarding the penalty, "doesn't it seem wrong." Hastie responded that an NFL game and a high school game are completely different and have different rules. The chyron: "No Nods to God, Football Team Gets 15 Yard Penalty." To Doocy's question about the school rule, Hastie replied that the school frowns on arrogance and self promotion which is considered unsportsmanlike conduct. Kilmeade, in trying to get some Fox Christian outrage from Hastie, who wasn't playing the game, said "how dare you show your arrogance like that, scoring a touchdown and refusing to put the ball in the opponents face, instead look the other way, drop to your knee and pray briefly and get right back up." The chyron: "Persecuted for Praying, Player, I've Done This Dozens of Times Before." Hastie just laughed. To the question of how the coach weighs in on this, Hastie said that the coach was proud of him and that once plays are over, the game moves on. Doocy wanted to know why the ref called a penalty when Hastie had done this before. Hastie calmly said that it was the ref's interpretation and that he might not have seen it before. Chyron: "Ronnie Hastie Penalized for Praying After Touchdown, Penalized for Prayer." Kilmeade then read the comment from the interscholastic sports association which cited the specific rule invoked for the decision and claimed "that does not explain their case. It explains the rule." Doocy added "and the crazy thing is (burble, burble) you're not trying to draw attention to yourself, you're pointing up. Ronnie agreed. When Kilmeade asked him what he was going to do when he scores his next touchdown, Ronnie stayed classy and said that he will hand the ball to the ref and point up on the sideline because he doesn't want to jeopardize his team's success; but he still wants to glorify his God. The chyron: "Without a Prayer, HS Football Player Flagged For Praying." Kilmeade wished him luck and Doocy, burnishing his Christian creds, said "I got a feeling that a lot of people are going to praying for him."

Comment:The unflappable Ronnie Hastie exhibited far more Christian humility, graciousness, professionalism, and sportsmanlike behavior than the two professional Christians who interviewed him. He certainly comes out of that interview as an MVP! Oh, and note to sports guy Kilmeade. Last year, Oakland Raider Chris Johnson got a 15 yard penalty for the same thing.

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