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Two-Time Voter Fraud Suspect Ann Coulter Whines About Democrats’ Laxity On Law Enforcement

Reported by Ellen - December 1, 2010 -

Sean Hannity trotted out two-time voter fraud suspect Ann Coulter to attack the Obama administration discuss how Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, should be dealt with by the United States. It was more than a little ironic to listen to Coulter – who recently skated from her second voter-fraud inquiry – complain that Democrats are not tough enough on crime.

Coulter complained last night (11/30/10), “(Eric Holder) doesn’t know what law that has been broken? …A number of federal laws have been violated including transmitting defense documents (she cited a statute from the U.S. Code)… There are a number of statutes that provide serious penalties… And will anything be done, by the way? You just quoted Eric Holder – no. Democrats are in the White House so America’s standing tall as usual. We’re a helpful, helpless, pitiful giant. That’s the way America stands when a Democrat’s in the White House because they will not do anything.”

This from the woman who has repeatedly flouted the rule of law in her own life. And while Coulter talked tough on the air with Hannity last night, she had a meltdown just a few weeks earlier when a Fox News contributor dared to vigorously challenge her argument for profiling Moo-slims on airplanes.

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