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Megyn Kelly Mocks Atheist?

Reported by Priscilla - December 1, 2010 -

There's a culture war on and Fox "News" is bringing it. Fox needs to reinforce its message about those nasty, godless atheists who are ruining Xmas for good Christians everywhere. Thus, the "coverage" of the NJ billboard, which says Xmas is a myth, has spilled over from the "opinion" side of Fox into the "real" news as reported by Fox anchor and hot, hot, hot GQ "Media Personality" Megyn Kelly. Yesterday, in addition to hectoring her atheist guest, Kelly's (as Fox Nation described it) "sparring" also took the form of outright mocking of his rational and articulately presented points. Kelly's "joking" demeanor was rather nasty - but then that's part of her appeal and popularity. Fox "News" knows that hot and nasty blonde "news" anchors, who can be naughty and nice, is that perfect holiday (Whoops, Xmas) gift that keeps on giving throughout the year and is the ultimate product placement!

Obviously unwilling to engage in civil discourse with an evil atheist, Megyn Kelly resorted to mocking. She set the stage with "imagine driving by with your kids, taking them to go see Santa then bam you see this." (The billboard was shown). In her best snarky voice, she read from the billboard "you know it's a myth." She "joked" "way to go, way to ruin Christmas for all the little children like a month before, Dave." Her guest, David Silverman, president of American Atheists which is the group that erected the NJ billboard, retorted that they decided not to go with a gun pointing to Santa's head. She repeated the words "you know it's a myth, youuuu think it's a myth." When he said that he thinks it's a myth, she said "many Americans disagree." He calmly responded that "they can disagree all they want; but Christianity isn't the first...religion to pin its god's birth on the solstice." Kelly talked over him with "so you disagree." He reiterated that his group is trying to make the point that "Christmas doesn't own the solstice season." She snapped, "with "this, you know it's a myth, celebrate reason." As he attempted to respond, she said "and what part of that am I to discern that Christians don't own the winter solstice." He explained that many "closeted" atheists go through the motions of appearing to be Christian." Kelly got all snarky when she said "many people have doubts but that doesn't make them a closet atheist." When he said that during the holiday season, these atheists go to church, she said "what's so bad about that?" She wanted to know why he wants "to pull" people "out of their faith." (oh, like Pam Geller's leave Islam ads?)

When he cited the vast numbers of closet atheists, Kelly "joked" "if there's so many millions...you're good, you got plenty." He reiterated that most of them are in the closet. She quipped that if he, as an atheist, feels lonely, maybe he should consult his analyst rather than put it on a billboard. When he said that there was just one atheist in Congress, she said "who cares." To his point that all religion is a myth she responded with stats on those who are Christians and celebrate Xmas. As he tried to talk she made the "crazy sign" (rotating finger around head) as she said that "what you're saying is that it's all BS. You're the one who knows the truth." She went straight for the agitprop with "why impose your belief on a big billboard" where little kids can see it." When he responded that Christians express their views on billboards, she asserted "this is more in your face." She mockingly summed up his attitude about the war on Xmas. When he commented that the Christian right "pushes its views," she mockingly said "look at them with the Xmas trees, Santas, they're out of control." When he referenced the controversy over "Happy Holidays," she snarked "they're evil and must be stopped." When he responded that Christians aren't "the only ones" she interrupted with a high pitched comment, and a smug look, that should have been followed by "nyah, nyah, nyah" - "you don't like their free speech, it's yours." He said that "they get their free speech and we get ours." She interrupted again with "so you're fine with the Xmas trees and Merry Xmas." When he retorted that they don't think "it's the right thing to say because it's factually incorrect," she loudly and mockingly interrupted (again) with "wait a minute, so you have your billboard, but I can't have my Santa."(WTF?) She "jokingly" asked him if he's going to sue if "Target" says Merry Xmas." When he said "Happy Holidays" is more inclusive and factually correct, she snarked "what you really want is God doesn't exist and don't be a dummy. You're not going to be happy until that's how they treat you." After he wished her "Happy Holidays," she shouted "Merry Christmas." (And God bless us everyone!)

Comment: So Megyn thinks that this billboard is "in your face." Funny, I haven't heard any outrage from her or Fox about those billboards which portray President Obama as a cartoonish Muslim. How do parents, whose kids are being taught about patriotism, explain those? And how bout those offensive anti-choice billboards which push a particular religious view - particularly those that suggest that African American women, who choose to terminate a pregnancy, are participating in black "genocide?" You don't hear about these things on Fox because that doesn't fit the simple narrative of Christians are good and atheists are bad - a happy, Christian message that Fox viewers are treated to every year. Oh, and Megyn, despite those evil atheists, Santa is still around and wants to know if you've been naughty.....


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