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Fox News WikiLeaks Distraction Of The Day: Dick Morris Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Trying To Blackmail Foreign Diplomats And Heads Of State

Reported by Ellen - December 1, 2010 -

You know a right-wing accusation has to be off the wall when Sean Hannity sounds skeptical. That’s what happened on Monday night (11/29/10) when Dick Morris appeared on Hannity to offer the Hillary Clinton chapter of Fox News’ “Blame The Obama Administration Instead Of Discussing The WikiLeaks” playbook. While there is plenty to consider about Clinton’s role in the revelations that U.S. diplomats have been acting as spies, Morris, with Hannity’s tacit approval, ignored the substantially similar acts of Clinton’s GOP predecessor in a blatant effort to specifically vilify Clinton by accusing her of blackmail. Later, Morris all but acknowledged Fox News as GOP-TV as he predicted that the 2012 Republican primary would be decided right there on the “fair and balanced” airwaves.

Morris told Hannity, “(Hillary Clinton) didn’t want this information so that she could have detailed information about – you know, so she could get assessments on their personality. It’s obviously for blackmail. It’s obviously to find information that is negative to them, that is derogatory. What do you want somebody’s credit card for? What do you want their frequent flier miles? You want to say, ‘Why were you at this place where you shouldn’t have been and would your wife like to know about it? Why did you expense account this meal you had at this restaurant?’ And it’s how the communists worked…”

Hannity obviously would not endorse such a notion but he didn’t want to discourage it, either. He said, “Wait a minute, you’re saying you think Hillary Clinton wants to blackmail foreign diplomats and foreign heads of state and so that’s the reason? That’s the biggest revelation in your mind?”

“What other reason is there for gathering this information?” Morris asked. He said Clinton is “back to her old tricks of the secret police.”

Later, Morris told Hannity the GOP primary will be decided on Fox News because “we’re gonna get to know them pretty darned well” via their multiple appearances on Fox. “It’s not just gonna be that Iowa, New Hampshire knows who Pawlenty is or Mike Pence is. We’re gonna know that, too.”

For a change, I agree with Morris there.

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