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Cavuto Thinks How Sweet It Is To Freeze Federal Workers' Pay

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 30, 2010 -

By Brian

Neil Cavuto opened yesterday’s (11/29/10) Your World with comments about the President's plan to freeze the pay of all federal workers, except the military, for 2 years. "A freeze to please. Sounds sweet, but why are so many saying this really takes the cake, because he's actually talking crumbs, and the President's critics say in the end that this is just crummy." Cavuto described the savings as "icing on the spending cake, and man, what a cake… Who is really getting creamed here?" he asked.

I'll tell you who's getting creamed, Neil: the federal workers who'll have their real wages fall unless there's no inflation. For federal workers, this would be bittersweet, not sweet, and some on the low end of the pay scale may not be able to afford crumbs. If News Corp. froze everyone's pay for 2 years, would Cavuto be talking about icing and a cake? No.

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