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Gretchen Carlson Makes False Claim About School's "War on Christmas" Colors

Reported by Priscilla - November 29, 2010 -

Always in the Praetorian Guard of the army fighting to preserve Christmas from those ungodly secular heathens, Gretchen Carlson reports that a central Florida school has banned the colors red and green. A spokesperson for the school, which hopefully isn't getting death threats from the nice Christian Fox fans, told Media Matters that this just isn't true. Fox's report is based on a local Florida news item which reported that one parent complained that the students can't use red and green. As noted by Media Matters, Carlson ran with the story and made no mention of whether her crack research staff contacted the school for verification. Not surprisingly, ace Fox culture clubber, Todd Starnes, has run the story which is linked to on "Fox Nation." But this type of one sided, dare I say "bogus" reporting is nothing new on Fox. Last year, Bill O'Reilly issued a Fatwah against a Massachusetts school which, he claimed, prohibited religious items in a holiday fair fund raiser. While this prohibition was true, it was done so with the support of local parents and had been a policy for years. But that side of the story wasn't told. In this case, there is no other side but you wouldn't know that from watching Fox & Friends whose audience takes their "news" on faith alone. If Gretch had wanted to do "fair & balanced," she could have quoted a local rabbi who supports the school's attempts at holiday religious neutrality. Rabbi Rick Sherman said that "Are we singing 'Come All Ye Faithful' or 'Frosty The Snowman'? There's the line between religious and cultural, if you will." In the land of Fox, that's downright heresy. Just ask Gretchen Carlson whose attempt to further divide an already divided nation doesn't seem very Christian?


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