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Brian Kilmeade & Gretchen Carlson Say "Merry Christmas" To Atheist, Tee Hee

Reported by Priscilla - November 29, 2010 -

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the annual Fox "war" against those who, according to the Christian right, wage a "war on Christmas" is on! Tis the season when Gretchen whines about how "political correctness" has made the season just so horrible for Jesus' BFF's particularly in instances where those who aren't pals of Jesus want their own displays along side the constitutionally dubious manger scenes. Who could forget good Christian Gretch's righteous indignation over a "Festivus Pole" having been erected alongside other displays in Washington's state house rotunda. She said that it was "an insult to Christianity." She told Bill O'Reilly that she is all for free speech; but on Christmas, folks who don't have that Christmas tingle should just STFU. And that's why this morning's interview with a proponent of free speech, regarding the town of West Chester Pennsylvania's vote to prohibit all non denominational holiday displays, was so odd. Gretch and her fellow good Christian pal, Brian Kilmeade were faced with some major cognitive dissonance. The atheist display, the "Tree of Knowledge" (a Xmas tree decorated with books) was part of the prohibition which, according to Gretch, is a usurpation of the will of the people. But at the same time, it represented those things, like the Festivus Pole, that Gretchen hates. It gets more confusing. This ban, at least according to the title of the Fox video, was about the county saying "no to holiday spirit." (Oh, no you didn't - Fox said "holiday"). Obviously, ya can't have it both ways and the contradiction soon became apparent. Can we say bizarre?!!

Gretch was very animated when she reported that "one Pennsylvania courthouse is taking the power of the people when it comes to holiday decorations." (Oh, no you didn't - Gretch said "holiday") She referenced how "commissioners in Chester County, PA, say they're taking control so no one is offended." Kilmdeade introduced the guest, Margaret Downey, president of the Free Thought Society. The chyron: "Bah Humbug, County Says They'll Control Holiday Displays" (Oh no you didn't - Chyron writers say "holiday.") Kilmeade said "they took the power away from you?" She responded that the resolution made her tree "null and void" and that this represented their, not the people's, choice. Gretch said that there will be, apparently, a display honoring the troops. She then jumped into her anti "PC" mode when she said that the county thinks that the situation is sticky and that "everyone wants to get involved, now Margaret. At least you have to give them that much." (So, Gretch is defending the Xmas stealing county?) She blithered about how people want the nativity scene, the tree of life, the Kwaanza, the Festivus pole." She looked like she was suppressing a gag reflex as she said this. Downey said that when her family was in the military, they fought for all freedoms, "religious and non religious alike." As she spoke, the chyron was "County Says No To Holiday Spirit." (Blasphemous "holiday" again!). She contradicted Kilmeade's claim that the Tree of Knowledge had been vandalized in past years. She then said that people are getting used to the "non theist community." (Not a community recognized in "America's Newsroom!") Brian looked dazed as she talked about the "hatred" of this resolution and how she's getting harassing phone calls. (Which will increase after this segment, one suspects). To Kilmeade's query about whether people "miss" the tree, she said that there have been hundreds of requests to put it back. She added that the county would be setting an example of tolerance if they rescinded the policy. ("Tolerance," excuse me?)

Gretch started talking over her when Downey said that 15% of the community are "non theists." Gretch said she understood the free speech implications; but "do you see it all their point of view that it was getting so crazy...this was supposed to be" (she said the words slowly) "the Xmas season and suddenly it became all these other things on top of it." Downey calmly responded that there is lots of room on the courthouse lawn. (Oh, snap, she just rolled over Gretch's agitprop.) Sadly, I couldn't see Gretch's face when Downey said she had spoken to students about a Kwaanza display and that "we want minorities to share the space with us." Kilmeade mumbled "smart" and then he and Gretch had an awkward chuckle. He then got snarky with "every day should be a tree of knowledge day and that tree should come down as it becomes Xmas season." Gretch didn't look happy as Downey asserted that "we consider this a holiday season, and we want to find common ground..." Kilmeade interjected "you're celebrating knowledge while other people are celebrating (Gretch said Christ) the birth of the Savior." (Your "savior" Brian, not everybody's!) With some seconds left, Gretch shut off Downey with "it's an interesting debate" but time was running out. Downey wished them "Happy Holiday" to which Kilmeade said "Merry Xmas." Gretch did a hearty LOL!

Comment: Don't worry Gretch. The Xmas billboard ladies' message will counter that of those nasty non theists. And one more thing - Happy Festivus!

Merry Christmas, you f'ing non theist!


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