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Bill Kristol Urges Regime Change In North Korea

Reported by Ellen - November 29, 2010 -

You’d think that by now someone on “we report, you decide” Fox News might be challenging Bill Kristol for sounding like a broken record urging regime change as the panacea for world problems. But don’t hold your breath. Although Fox News Sunday panelists Mara Liasson and Juan Williams argued pretty forcefully yesterday against Kristol's latest regime change candidate - North Korea - nobody pointed out what a disaster “regime change” turned into in Iraq. Nor did anyone note that this was at least the third time Kristol was urging the U.S. to topple a head of state.

After taking a swipe at President Obama because he “didn’t quite seem to have his heart in it when he said, 'We’re once again rallying the international community to put pressure – ’ “ Kristol said, “You know what? That’s fine but we should try to destabilize the regime during this transition… We should be doing everything we can to bring down this terrible regime.”

That sounded a lot like Kristol's prescription for dealing with Iran which, as Think Progress noted, was a regurgitation of his prescription for Iraq.

But nobody on the air seemed to notice that it was deja vu all over again.

Liasson said, “That is easier said than done.”

Panelist Liz Cheney, another regime change advocate for Iran (and Syria), said she thought North Korea “is an example of how provocative American weakness can be… Unfortunately, it is a policy of weakness that has expanded back into the Bush administration… What (North Korea) learned is that their belligerence in fact oftentimes yields from us capitulation and concessions.” She didn’t mention regime change per se but she ordained that it’s time for us to put North Korea back on the terrorist list and tell China to “step up to the plate.”

Williams told her, “I must say it sounds like war mongering… That’s a losing hand, Liz.”

But Williams did not mention Cheney’s role in the failed Iraq policy.

Host Chris Wallace asked Kristol, “What makes you think if we brought down that (North Korean) regime, the next regime would be any better?”

“It couldn’t be worse,” Kristol said. “It couldn’t be worse. There would be reunification on the Korean peninsula. Maybe the Chinese would want to keep a sort of token North Korea up by their border for their own sake but about two-thirds of North Korea could become part of the unified Korea and that would be a lot better than the current situation.”

Liasson said that South Koreans want to do that “in a manageable way, not all of a sudden huge chaos.”

“We should help them do it,” Kristol said – meaning, apparently, whether the South Koreans want our help or not. “The chaos of refugees fleeing across the border to freedom is a chaos we should welcome compared to the current situation.”

Cheney chimed in. “The extent to which (our allies in the region) understand that in fact we are committed to ensuring that the North Koreans don’t proliferate, the fact that we are committed to matching our rhetoric with action will make us all much more safe and secure.”

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