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While Fox News Pundits Clamor To Attack North Korea, News Corp Is In Bed With The Regime

Reported by Ellen - November 28, 2010 -

Fox News pundits such as Sean Hannity, Bill Kristol and Michael Scheuer have been salivating for the U.S. to attack North Korea but behind the scenes the parent company of News Corp is not only doing business with the regime but the kind of business that could bolster North Korea's cyberwarfare capabilities.

As Karoli at Crooks and Liars noted, News Corp's hiring of North Korean developers to create mobile phone games could be a marriage made in heaven, unless you're a software developer looking for a job here in the United States or you're concerned about cyber security in the U.S. "The humanitarian part of me argues that with the rampant poverty in North Korea, I shouldn't begrudge them getting income for game development. But the suspicious side speaks louder, reminding me that no family living in poverty will see any of that News Corp funding, because Kim is a brutal and greedy dictator. Lest we forget, it was North Korean hackers who attacked government and media networks in 2009, likely with the blessing of that same dictator."

As The Christian Science Monitor reported in 2009 (linked to by Karoli),

A series of attacks on computer networks in South Korea and the US was apparently the work of North Korean hackers, several news agencies are reporting today. The attacks, which targeted the White House, the Pentagon, and the Washington Post, among other high-level institutions, are raising concerns that the long-simmering conflict with North Korea is expanding into a dangerous new theater.

A few months ago, Bloomberg reported,

"Any sort of transaction that gives cash to the North Korean government works against U.S. policy,” said James Lewis, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington-based policy group. “The coding skills people would acquire in outsourcing activities could easily strengthen cyberwar cyber-espionage capabilities. Mobile devices are the new frontier of hacking.”

North Korea’s information technology push began in the 1980s as the government sought to bolster the faltering economy, said defector Kim. That drive also led to the creation of a cyber-military unit in the late 1990s, he said. He runs North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity, a group composed of defectors who have graduated from North Korean universities.

But I don't expect to hear about any of this on Fox News unless either President Obama or a prominent Democrat does the same thing.

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