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Sarah Palin's Favorite Things Make Gretchen Carlson So Happy

Reported by Priscilla - November 26, 2010 -

"Roses on raindrops and whiskers on kittens..." These are Maria Von Trapp's "favorite things" which were sung about in "The Sound of Music." Sarah Palin isn't Maria Von Trapp; but like Maria, she (metaphorically speaking) is seeking to lead her American family away from the tentacles of the evil socialist/Nazi/Communist/anti-Christ president and into a (metaphorically speaking) liberated land of pure Christian conservatism. Like Maria, she has "favorite things," which she discussed with Gretchen Carlson who, like the Von Trapp children, worshipped with wide eyed wonderment. So for those of you who aren't getting trampled by "black Friday" mobs, here's more of Gretchen Carlson's happy talk with Sarah Palin.

In introducing this segment of Gretch's pre-recorded Palin lovefest (whoops, interview), of Sarah Palin, on this week's Fox & Friends, Gretch said that she asked Palin to talk about some "fun, inside fact from her new book." The video began with Gretchen asking Palin about Palin's favorite former president. Gretch laughed and grinned when Palin said that (surprise, surprise) her favorite past president is (drum roll please) Ronald Reagan because of "his belief in freedom and free markets and he having allowed us a blueprint for what works as opposed to the blueprint in the last two years that doesn't work in America. Go back to some Reaganism." (Don't ya love the syntax which Tina Fey has captured so eloquently?) Good Christian Gretch was squirming with delight when she asked Palin about her favorite bible character. Surprise, surpise, she loves Esther and Moses.(The folks in Wasilla actually think she's the embodiment of the biblical Esther. Check out Max Blumenthal's video) Gretch's grin couldn't have gotten any bigger when Palin waxed poetic about how she really loves Moses because "he who had kinda hidden out for 40 years and then tried to lead folks for 40 years in the wilderness, was mocked, was ridiculed, and yet was faithful, was straightforward, focus." (So Palin sees herself as Moses, already?!) More favorite things followed with Sarah Moses telling us that her favorite holiday is Christmas because it "brings my family back to the true meaning of what family, what the wonderful season provides." Palin's favorite movies are "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," "Rudy," and "Hoosiers," because they're "underdog movies where those folks who have great challenges in front of them work so extremely hard, all about work ethic and perseverance, and they pull through and they're victorious." (More self aggrandizement?) Palin's favorite wild animal is the moose. Her favorite "date" is "getting away from it all" with Todd - getting out of Wasilla "where it's just so hectic." (Uh, she spends lots of her time gallivanting around the country, giving speeches, and making money so she's not in "hectic" Wasilla very much.) Sarah and Todd like to go to their cabin, 70 miles north of Wasilla, and ride snow machines.

In the little chat among Gretchen, Brian Kilmeade, and Dave Briggs, at the end of the segment, Gretch said that Palin, in the book, "dispels rumors of marital discord" between her and Todd. Briggs said that Palin "took on Hollywood" (Like another right wing and intellectually challenged vice presidential candidate, Palin attacked the fictional character "Murphy Brown.") and described how Palin criticized "American Beauty" and praised "Juno" (teenage "Juno," like Bristol Palin, didn't have an abortion). He added that Palin took on all types of topics. Gretch said that it was "an interesting read."

Comment: More shameless Palin promotion on the "fair & balanced" network. But it makes Gretchen Carlson really, really happy so it's all good!

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