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Gretchen Carlson Worships (Whoops, Interviews) Sarah Palin

Reported by Priscilla - November 24, 2010 -

Maybe it's a beauty queen "sisterhood is powerful" kind of thing. Maybe it's just conservative Christian fellowship. I can't say for sure; but what I can say is that Gretchen Carlson's gushing interview of Sarah Palin, about Palin's new book "America By Heart," was one big love fest. I don't know if Gretch had a Chris Matthews "thrill" going up her leg; but, rather her entire mind and body seemed absolutely thrilled to speak with the Dinali Diva and Fox News contributor, Sarah Palin, about a book that Carlson thinks is truly awesome. Her "interview," was really just one big Sarah Palin book promotion during which former Miss America paid homage to former Alaska Governor and Miss Wasilla, And what better way for patriotic, Christian, conservative beauty queens to bond than over "family, faith, and flag?" And in addition to being inspirational, the chat included attacks on feminists and kevetching about (Gretch's favorite topic) how the evil secularists are taking away the "manger" and generally persecuting Christians. Was it a right wing "twofer" with Palin promotion and right wing talking points? You betcha!

Gretch wasted no time in promoting the book. She said that "what people are gonna love about this book...is that you tell it like it is." She stared with intensity at the camera as she said, "you don't put yourself on a pedestal in this book." (That's your mission, Gretch) "it's blatantly honest." Carlson read the part of Palin's book which referenced Palin's daughter's unexpected pregnancy and asked her what "the message" was. Palin responded that her family is "just like any other family in America" and that people can "relate" to the "challenges" which her family has faced. She hoped that, by example, her family can help American families "muster through" their challenges. Gretch mentioned how Palin coined the phrase "mama grizzlies" which, according to Gretch, "struck a chord with so many women across the nation." Gretch got really excited when she cited an entire chapter in the book devoted to Mama grizzlies "and (Gretch really emoted) "you say, hey this isn't a new phenomenon." Gretch had just the biggest grin on her face while Palin waxed poetic about how women are concerned about opportunities for their children and "don't want government taking away those opportunities." Palin described the rugged life of Alaskan women and said "we who have been a man's world recognize what it's gonna take to get this country back on the right track." Gretch said that Palin's comment sounded like "a feminist woman, a kind of trailblazer and you speak, in this book, about the difference between feminism and what they think a woman should be and what you see in yourself..." (Mama Sarah ain't one of those evil "feminazis" no sireee). Palin attacked "so called feminists" for "hypocrisy" when they "try to invalidate who are working hard..." Gretch grinned when Palin talked about the "take away" "controversy" over the chapter in which she writes about the "disservice" (Gretch nodded) "that these feminists cause... because they make women feel inferior...not capable of what God provides us via opportunity."

This was the perfect segue for good Christian Gretchen to mention how Palin speaks of God and faith in the book and that was (surprise, surprise) what Gretch "loved about it." Gretch referenced how Palin "goes on the attack on faith coming out of our society which is something near and dear to my heart." Working in the requisite Christian agitprop Gretch asked "why is the manger so much a threat to this society?" Constitutionalist Palin said that "the vast majority of Americans don't have a problem with manger scenes as a reflection of the true meaning of Christmas so when the politically correct come in and want to squash that and take that away from the enjoyment of most Americans, it gets a bit frustrating..." (So no tax money for abortions - but tax money for Jesus!) She continued to blither about getting Christ back in Christmas and "we put up with things that we don't personally believe in with tolerance" (Oh, right, like all the Christian homophobic attacks against hate crime laws, the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and anti bullying curriculums) and how "there should be some reciprocation of that tolerance when it comes to Christians." (Awww, poor, persecuted Christians)

The last segment was about Palin's love for the flag. Did you know that she won a VFW contest with a flag poem when she was in third grade? She waxed poetic about this "symbol of freedom and opportunity and God given rights..."

Comment: I think I hear Kate Smith's rendition of "God Bless America." Or is it an angelic choir singing "Onward Christian Soldiers...."


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