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Fox News Brings On A Marriage Counselor To Discuss Obama’s Strained Relationship With Business

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 24, 2010 -

By Brian

Following in the footsteps of The Nutrition Twins offering diet tips to reduce the deficit, Your World with Neil Cavuto trotted out Cooper Lawrence, a “relationship expert,” to discuss President Obama’s strained relationship with big business yesterday (11/23/10). Guess who was supposed to do all the compromising?

Cavuto said, by way of explanation for bringing on Lawrence, “Instead of asking a pundit or a politician about it, I decided to go to my buddy to sort this all out because she’s the best at it.”

Cavuto, the guy who put "Cavuto" in the “Cavuto mark,” asked, "And he’s (Obama’s) sending out all the wrong signals?"

Lawrence chirped, "If you look at marriage counseling, for example, …it brings two sides together to look at each others’ side… so that each side can be happier. So, if we applied more of our relationship stuff to business stuff, I think we'd have some good stuff." Deep!

Cavuto asked, "If the other side is saying… ‘We want tax cuts, we want certainty, give us some certainty.’ Should he throw them a bone, one or two year extension?"

“That's what relationships are right? …Compromise,” Cooper agreed. “That's the first thing a marriage counselor would say is a little bit of compromise… You can't be stubborn." She later said that big business should “also give up something.”

But Cavuto never offered anything big business should give up, which somehow escaped Lawrence. Cavuto suggested that what Obama should get in return is praise from the business community. Then he quickly added something else the president should give. "Then you in turn Mr. President, quit calling (business leaders), ‘greedy SOB fat cats.’"

"Name calling, never a good idea,” Cooper chided the president. “The Obamas have a healthy marriage, it seems. If he can apply some of the principles to his business would, everybody would be happier."

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