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After Attacking Liberal Feminists For Being Victims, Palin Whines About Unfairness To Conservative Women

Reported by Ellen - November 24, 2010 -

Another night, another Sarah Palin infomercial on Fox News. Last night (11/23/10), Palin appeared on On The Record. After Palin boasted that she considers herself a feminist, she attacked liberal feminists as victims. Then, later in the same interview, she freely played her own victim cards, first griping about unjust attacks against her family in the media and then whining that conservative women with children “get clobbered.” Host Greta Van Susteren either did not notice the hypocrisy or she gave it a pass. She also gave Palin a pass while complaining about the gratuitous nastiness of political discourse.

Early on in the interview, Palin announced that her newest tome “is a great book.”

She thought the “takeaway” would be that she describes herself as a feminist. But then she almost immediately began attacking traditional feminists. At about the 1:30 mark, she said,

I think that some of these women and these women groups, they do a great disservice to women when they try to make, especially young women, feel that they are victims, and that society and men just will hold them back and hold them down.

…It’s naïve to think that women are victims. No, it depends on how you’re gonna react to the circumstances around you in society, whether you are gonna succomb to this idea that we are victims and that oh gosh, we’re never gonna have fair treatment. No, we have to work harder, I think, to prove ourselves but more power to us for doing that.

OK, fine. But then, at about the 10:30 mark, Palin began to carp about how unfair people are to her family.

When we talk about (Palin’s daughter) Willow, when we talk about (daughter) Piper and watching some of their innocence and some of their um, naïve belief that there’s justice in society today. For them to see what shots are taken at their family and for them to have no defense? Look what happened to Willow the other day. Somebody had been blogging very, very negative things about the family and Willow, finally, she’d had it up to here and she finally responded, unfortunately. She used a bad word when she responded. And that became national news, Greta. Her response. Not the hatred, not the threats comin’ her way, but her response.

As I previously posted, Willow Palin did not use "a bad word" but let forth a torrent of foul language, along with her sister Bristol. But Van Susteren let that slide. Instead, she said she had a different take on the situation – which was, in essence, another way of excusing Willow’s behavior by making her a victim. Van Susteren said, “I thought that… we adults had… so let ourselves degrade that we made it safe or OK for young people to act irresponsible (sic)… for this person to post nasty things about your family. There are no consequences… and your child reacted back. I mean, they are basically reflecting upon what they are seeing us adults do in many ways. And …that’s not a pretty picture.”

Palin admitted it was “my fault” for Willow thinking it was OK to “use such a derogatory term in response, in defense of her family. But that wasn’t cool, that wasn’t right.”

But at about 14:37, Palin began to whine again. “Why are some politicians’ kids targets and others - heaven forbid, you don’t touch their kids, their background. Why is – well, it’s obvious. If you’re a conservative, you’re gonna get clobbered. If you’re a female conservative with children, you’re gonna get clobbered.”

Van Susteren offered some mild push back, saying she had seen Chelsea Clinton “get knocked around.”

Van Susteren went on to say, “It’s not just going after the children. It’s when you are really nasty, gratuitously nasty to the children’s parents. That’s also painful for the children.”

So what about Palin’s race-baiting attack on Michelle Obama in the new book? Van Susteren didn’t bring it up. Nor did she seem to mind when Palin suggested during the interview President Obama has deliberately weakened the country by “wondering” if “the president and the White House do they not want us to be a superpower and allow stability throughout the world, peace through strength?” That didn’t seem to bother Van Susteren at all.

In fact, Palin has a long history of nastiness in politics. During the 2008 campaign, she famously accused then-candidate Barack Obama of "palling around with terrorists." More recently she referred to Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski as an “out of touch liberal.” Plus, there’s Troopergate. But none of that ever seems to bother Van Susteren who is more likely to gush over Palin than to challenge her.

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