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Fox News Embraces "Anchor Babies" - The Term, Not The Babies!

Reported by Priscilla - November 22, 2010 -

Did ya know that there's a conspiracy afoot to send undocumented pregnant women (read Hispanics) into the US so that they can give birth to an American born baby and thus begin the process by which the mother and baby can take advantage of the American taxpayer and, more importantly, provide an "anchor" for the baby's scary, brown relatives to secure future American citizenship. As far as I can tell, this made to scare ya scenario provided the birth of the term "anchor baby," a derogatory term used by the nativist right wing who, like Pat Buchanan, fear that the American way of life is being threatened by these monster children whose presence in the US is why those in the American right want "to take their country back" to the good old days when whites ruled and darker folks were obedient slaves. But there's this pesky document, the US Constitution, which says that those born in the US are American citizens. So it's strangely ironic or ironically strange that those folks who worship the Constitution, want to change it. Last week, Iowa GOP Rep, Steve King, was on "America's Newsroom" to talk about his proposed legislation which would end the birthing of "anchor babies" - a term that Fox News has lovingly embraced and, as shown by the sidebar graphics, still does. For a retrospective on Fox "News" and "anchor babies," keep on reading.

In May, Glenn Beck used the term "anchor baby." In August, definitely non brown former Miss America Gretchen Carlson, said that the 14 Amendment was "the anchor baby amendment." That this amendment provided the basis for many important SCOTUS decisions including desegregation of schools was lost on this perky Stanford grad. Also in August, Ann Coulter, during an appearance on Fox, said that "[t]his whole baby anchor thing comes from a footnote that was not related to the opinion, in an opinion by Justice Brennan in 1982." That same month, Bill Hemmer asked if "other countries have anchor baby laws." In October, Gretchen Carlson talked about the brewing fight against "so called anchor babies.' (In this corner, we have little Pedro...)Later that day, Fox "news" anchor, the definitely non brown Martha MacCallum used the term during a discussion about how the congressional xenohobies want to change the citizenship requirements; but prefaced "anchor babies" with "so called." So far, so good, but then she talked about how these babies ("an abuse of the 14th amendment") are a big problem. Fast forward to last week's Bill Hemmer interview of Rep. Steve King. While Hemmer used "birthright citizenship," as opposed to "anchor babies," the graphic said otherwise.


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