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Glenn Beck Talks Military Coup and Presidential Assassination

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 21, 2010 -

By Aunty Em

When will Fox “News” admit that Glenn Beck is a loose cannon—who influences looser cannons like Byron Williams? Yet, as Beck’s lies pile up; as he creates more enemies; and as sponsors abandon the show right and left, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes continue to support the Pillsbury Dough Boy, even though some of his latest eliminationist rhetoric came closer to treason than he has so far. On Thursday (11-18-10) he suggested a military coup and the possible assassination of President Obama. When will the madness end?

The day began, as it always does, with Beck’s Radio Drama Theatre when he told his ever-gullible audience the military might eventually have to intervene to protect the Constitution from TSA searches:

I warn you—no, let me—let me—let me warn the White House: There are those who have sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. To protect and defend the Constitution. We are a country of laws, and not of men. You better make sure that Cass Sunstein is the one—you know—doing all these little usurpations of the Constitution ‘cause you don’t want to blatantly just destroy the U.S. Constitution. What do you think? What do you think? What do these people—how—how—does this end in their minds? How do you just go and just violate—how do you say, “We’re just going to go—I mean, we’re just going to have to violate the 4th Amendment.” Excuse me? At some point don’t the people stand up and say, “No, the Constitution!” At some point don’t—doesn’t the military stand up and defend the Constitution. Now, they haven’t gotten anywhere close, I think, to the military standing up and saying “You’re defending—you’re, you’re violating the Constitution. But, if you ever do violate the Constitution—” These guys keep creeping towards it. If they do the military has a responsibility to stop the destruction of the Constitution. Again, they’re not close to it yet, but they’re creeping towards it. They get more and more blatant. How do you say, “The 4th Amend—We’re just gonna—We’re going to have to violate the 4th Amendment”?

Question for Glenn “Constitutional Scholar” Beck: How does this end in your mind? How do you see a military coup ending?

We’ve already seen two things: 1). Delusional people (see: Byron Williams and Scott Roeder) are ready to kill to heed the words of Fox “News” commentators to take out perceived enemies demonized on the Fox “News” airwaves; 2). Being in the military, and swearing to defend the Constitution, is no protection against a soldier taking matters in his own hands, as the 13 murders at Fort Hood demonstrated abundantly.

However, Beck wasn’t done with his fear-mongering and not-so-subliminal suggestions for the day. Later on his Conspiracy Comedy Cavalcade television show, he played concern troll on behalf of President Obama:

They know who Barack Obama is. This—this—this is a ruse where they say, “The president is not fighting hard enough.” No, I’m sorry, that’s not true. Um—they know exactly what’s going on. The president is absent. He didn’t move center. He didn’t move away. He’s just been absent. But Nancy Pelosi—Nancy Pelosi—she has stayed exactly where she was. After a miserable defeat she was—err—uhh—she was reelected to lead the Democrats. Why? Because you must feed the radicals. It’s the same reason I said Obama would not go to the center. He cannot. Even if he wanted to, which I don’t believe he did, Obama, it is my belief—that Obama’s begging, begging Soros and the left to push him even further. Barack Obama knows he’s on the verge of accomplishing the dreams of his father to end [air quotes] American Colonialism and fundamentally transform America. He is surrounded by people, whose leader George Soros, has worked his whole life continuing the dreams from his father to change the world. He—George Soros—thinks he’s on the verge of getting that done. He has collapsed economies and entire currencies. They see it as possibly, possibly, falling apart. I told you that I believe this show may have accelerated their timetable because we’ve exposed them. But what if—what if—they really do believe Barack Obama is not the guy to get it done? These guys [walks to chalkboard and starts pointing to pictures]—this guy [Van Jones] is a violent revolutionary. This guy [Richard Trumka] is a Labor Union [sic] with millions of dollars and also a Globalist. And this guy [Soros]: Spooky Dude. This why I told you one of my longest standing worries about President Obama was not about the country, was not about corruption: it was about his safety and not because of the Tea Party people, but because the minute these radicals—if they actually decide that Barack Obama is not who he says he is, political danger is not his only concern. I ask you again to pray for our Secret Service—make sure our Secret Service are watching inside and out. Pray for our president. As I see it, there are a million things that can happen. That’s just one of them. There’s a million things that can make the entire world fly apart.

COMMENT: Of all the disgusting things Glenn Beck has said over the years, these two comments are, in my opinion, the absolute worst. In the first instance he’s putting forth the idea that the military perform a coup against the government. In the latter he’s accusing Jones, Trumka, and Soros of plotting to assassinate the President of the United States of America. While Beck knows perfectly well that they would do nothing of the kind, he also knows perfectly well by now that the Byron Williams and Fort Hood Shooters of the world are ready, willing, and able to act upon his words.

One would think that this would be the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, and Fox “News” would finally get the hint that Beck is bad for business and is hurting the brand. However, as Sarah Pavlus at Media Matters writes in an article titled Glenn Beck is the face of Fox News:

[…] Murdoch was unfazed when asked at the [News Corp. annual shareholders] meeting about reports that nearly 300 advertisers are boycotting Glenn Beck, responding, "That's not true. ... Maybe four or five who have been moved over to Mr. O'Reilly's program. No one has taken any money off the channel."

But perhaps most surprising was Murdoch's unprompted praise for Beck in a November interview in his native Australia, which was paired with some trash-talking aimed at Fox News ratings giant Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly's "easy" treatment of now-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an interview was "disgraceful," Murdoch said. He then lavished Beck with praise:

"There's a guy on Fox who started on CNN called Glenn Beck.

"He is a little bit of an actor, he looks in the camera all the time. He's very genuine, extremely well-read libertarian, doesn't make any secret of it. He says don't trust the government, don't trust me, just trust yourselves.

"He's hit a nerve. Millions -- millions -- watch him at five in the afternoon!"

It would seem that Fox “News” has made its choice and the choice is not the American people. If you are as outraged as I am about these statements, please join News Hounds in demanding that Fox News fire Beck. You can contact them at glennbeck@foxnews.com or yourcomments@foxnews.com.

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