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Greg Gutfeld Mocks The Transgendered?

Reported by Priscilla - November 19, 2010 -

The "N Word" is part of a lexicon of American hate words which now include "Tranny," a word which, for many in the transgendered community, is offensive. And while there is debate, in this community, about reclaiming this word as a means of empowerment, the reality is that when the word is used outside this community, it is frequently a term of derision and/or derisive humor. And while it's usage as a pop culture term might not signal derogatory intent (MTV apologized for including what were considered offensive, transphobic exchanges in one episode of "Jersey Shore."), it still can be hurtful as is the "N Word." As such, Dr. Laura Schlessinger's claim, that her repetition of the "N Word" on her radio program was making the point that these words are meaningless, falls flat. On last night's "Red Eye," former altar boy and Fox "comic," Greg Gutfeld took a page from Dr. Laura; but he had no purpose other than to show what a clever fellow he is. He and comedian Andy Levy did a routine, "Greg's Trouble With Trannies," that was a play on the word "tranny." The word was constantly repeated; but it related to things that had "trans" as a root word. The commentary around the word, however, was sexualized and thus served as a basis for lots of double entendres. In describing the segment, the word "sophomoric" is appropriate as this routine was on the level of what a bunch of pubescent males would put together with lots of accompanying giggles and self congratulations. Rather than amusing, it was discomforting and yet another example of why Greg Gutfeld shouldn't quit his night job!

Addendum: Gutfeld is proud to be transphobic: "So the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) just named the worst anti-gay and anti-transgender voices of 2008. And, lo and be fabulous, I'm one of them. I'm there because GLAAD objected to me using the phrase "transvestite hookers." They also said that we "misrepresented serious medical concerns," when we referred to a sex change as "turning a hole into a pole."So, to summarize their complaints: "waaah waaah."

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