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Glenn Beck, the King of Babble, on the Tower of Babel

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 18, 2010 -

By Aunty Em

Glenn Beck, Fox “News” Channel’s resident televangelist, spent most of his Tuesday show (11-16-10) with guest Rabbi Daniel Lapin to interpret the whole Biblical Tower of Babel story, connecting it to Socialism and George Soros, of course.

You may remember Lapin. He’s the man who gave the opening speech at Beck’s Love My God Rally in August. Unfortunately, for both Beck and Lapin, his speech came off more as a Marcel Marceau pantomime—arms waving, mouth moving, no sound—because Lapin’s religious beliefs do not allow for use of microphones on the Shabbat. Lapin’s also the man who, in an earlier incarnation, allowed his tax-exempt organization Toward Tradition to funnel money from disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff to disgraced former-Congressman Tom DeLay’s staff, as well as other scams.

Aside from his new association with Glenn Beck, Lapin has other qualities that warm the cockles of the Fox “News” heart (who am I kidding? Faux Noise has no heart):

As Media Transparency reported:

Lapin has long carried water for the Christian right: He was a strong supporter of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ;" he was active around the Terry Schiavo case, supporting the campaign by her parents to keep her alive; is on the frontlines of the Christian evangelical-generated "War on Christmas," heroically claiming that its not offensive to say Merry Christmas; and has denounced recycling as "The sacred sacrament of secularism."

Hey! That almost sounds like an entire day of programming on Fox “News.”

Which brings us to the Tower of Babel. Even if one assumes The Bible to be historic truth, there were lots of leaps of logic in Lapin’s interpretation of the Biblical Babel story. However, it fits right in with Beck’s philosophy that we are being blindly led into Socialism.

Firstly, Lapin claims that Nimrod, who ordered the tower built as an affront to God, was first identified in the Old Testament not as a king, but as a hunter, “Because he hunted, not animals, he hunted people. Not to kill them, he hunted people to seduce them into becoming his subjects and to allow him to become their master.”

Furthermore, Nimrod didn’t want a tower of stone; he wanted a tower of bricks:

LAPIN: Bricks are really important things here. Later on in the five books of Moses, ancient Jewish wisdom highlights the fact that that an altar — an altar to God must not be built of bricks, right? It has to be built with stone.

Why? Because this tension between the bricks and stones is absolutely crucial. Bricks and stones are a biblical metaphor for the way people should be stones, and the way we are easily pulled to become bricks.

BECK: I live in Connecticut. Stonewalls are so beautiful because everything is different. And it takes a real artist to be able to put them all together. So, you're saying that the stones are representative of people, right? And they're all different —


LAPIN: Two differences between bricks and stones. Number one, every brick is the same as every other brick. That's the whole point. They're totally interchangeable. If you want to turn people into bricks, you are able to turn them into interchangeable socio-economic cogs that can be just plugged around society.

See? Nimrod didn’t want bricks because it would be a more stable structure. He wanted bricks because he was the first Socialist.

And the mortar to hold the hold the bricks together? It’s not mortar at all:

From the Fox News transcript:

LAPIN: Yes now, in Hebrew, mortar is very related — same word really as the word materialism. And you can actually even hear the similarity transfer into the English language. Mortar — M, T, R are the key consonants. Material — matter — same word essentially.

And it's very important because the lesson from ancient Jewish wisdom here is that you can bond people and unify people with a sense of common spiritual purpose, but if you're going to eliminate the spiritual — if you're going to take God entirely out of the picture — then you can unify people through materialism.

Get people in debt, use your credit cards, folks. Buy stuff. Acquire stuff. And then you can rent storage facilities to keep the stuff you bought that you don't need.

This dovetails nicely with Beck’s latest obsession, which is that he’s going to sell all his useless stuff (using one of his radio sponsors) and donate it to a charity he’ll tell us all about in December.

However, Lapin and Beck are not done yet. Hilariously they link this all up to Soros and One World Government by telling us that the new European Union Parliamentary building looks EXACTLY like the Tower of Babel. To demonstrate, they show the E.U. building side-by-side with a painting by Pieter Bruegel, who painted his tower in the 16th Century, long after the (alleged) Tower of Babel was (allegedly) destroyed by God. Since all known photographs of the Tower of Babel were destroyed at the same time, no one really knows what it looked like. Many artists over many years have depicted the Tower of Babel, but only Bruegel’s has an eerie resemblance to the E.U. Parliament building. Coincidence? Watch:

I’ll leave the last word to Rabbi Lapin. “Well, there is no word in Hebrew for "coincidence," Glenn. I have to reject the coincidence theory.”

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