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Dennis Miller Boasts About The Size Of His “Junk” In TSA Scan Before Arguing For Muslim Profiling

Reported by Ellen - November 18, 2010 -

Dennis Miller may be a comedian in real life but Fox News has no problem with him playing an aviation security expert on TV, at least on their network. Just like Ann Coulter a little later that same night (11/17/10), Miller offered his “professional” opinion that TSA body scans should be replaced with ethnic profiling of Muslims. But first, Miller boasted - in a joking way, of course - that his TSA nickname is “Monty Python.”

Miller told Bill O’Reilly,

If it comes down to somebody fluffing up the bald eagle to keep this country strong, then color me patriotic, damnit, but you’d better bring in the IMac scanner because my TSA nickname is “Monty Python.”

O’Reilly didn’t miss a beat. “So you need an extra – a little more space, then,” he deadpanned.

But later, Miller advocated for the TSA to racially profile Muslims.

If we did this the right way, we wouldn’t have nuns getting’ patted down and kids getting’ patted down. Because we’re on the premise of pattin’ down every tenth person, no matter who it is. We’re not at war with every tenth person. We’re at war with radical Islam. So if somebody sends up a couple flags on radical Islam, I would pat that cat down. I think we’d all be happier.

It seems to be asking too much of “fair and balanced” Fox News that they provide a real aviation security expert on their prime time programming to discuss such an important issue. Do you think they might be afraid that a real expert wouldn’t advocate for ethnic profiling? And, by the way, it’s funny how none of these automatic profiling advocates on Fox – or their congenial hosts – ever mention that the U.S. has already given extra scrutiny to passengers from 14 countries.

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