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Brent Bozell To Gretchen Carlson: PBS Did The Right Thing In Editing Tina Fey's "Offensive" Speech

Reported by Priscilla - November 18, 2010 -

The right wing is all a twitter about PBS' editing out part of Tina Fey's acceptance speech at the Mark Twain Award ceremony. It was discussed on "The Factor" by Bill O'Reilly, Alan Colmes, and Monica Crowley. The seekers out of liberal bias at the right wing site Newsbusters jumped on board with articles about that "nasty" Tina Fey who "mocked conservative women." Not suprisingly, the "fair and balanced" network hosted Newsbusters sugar daddy (but in a chaste and heterosexual way), Brent Bozell, yesterday, on the Fox & Friends "opinion" show for his take on the issue. Gretchen Carlson introduced the segment with her comment that Tina Fey had won the Mark Twain humor award (Gretch emphasized the word "humor" in a non humorous manner) and then played the video of the edited out portion which mocked Sarah Palin. She asked Bozell why the "harsh jokes" were omitted. He said that as PBS had time constraints and needed to edit, they took out the section which was in poor taste. Gretch worked in the requisite PBS-is-a-nasty-librul-thing agitprop by asking "So you actually think that it was a good thing that PBS, in supposedly trying to be fair and balanced, that they took those comments out?" Bozell replied that PBS didn't want "ugly politics" in the televised ceremony. Earlier in the segment, Bozell said that "You can be very funny without being offensive." Obviously this isn't a problem for the official "fair and balanced" network when they host Ann Coulter and Dennis Miller!


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