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Ann Coulter Wriggles Out Of Another Voter Fraud Case

Reported by Ellen - November 18, 2010 -

Speaking of Ann Coulter, I realized I had forgotten to update y'all on her Connecticut voter fraud hearing last month. As Brad Friedman lays out in an excellent post, the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission overlooked key evidence in order to find that there was "insufficient evidence" to substantiate the complaint and that it could not make a "full and fair determination of the allegations" against Coulter. So while she wriggled away from the charge, she was not exonerated.

Sadly, as Friedman notes, "It appears the Commission ultimately based their findings on Coulter's own assertions (rather than available evidence to the contrary)" that Coulter had a bona fide residence in Connecticut at her parents house, when she was over the age of 40, and had purchased a million-dollar condo in New York City.

Furthermore, Friedman points out that although the Commission found that Coulter requested removal from the Connecticut voter roles in August, 2006 and supposedly registered to vote in Florida afterward, the truth is that Coulter registered to vote in Florida beforehand, in 2005. In February, 2006 - before her removal from the Connecticut roll = she came under scrutiny by Florida elections officials when she knowingly tried to vote in the wrong precinct there.

If ever there was proof of Fox News' lack of fairness and balance, it's right there in their lack of interest in Coulter's voting history. As we have reported repeatedly, Fox News has an endless obsession with voter fraud - except when one of their own may have committed it.