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Ann Coulter Has A Meltdown Arguing For Racial Profiling Over TSA Body Scans

Reported by Ellen - November 17, 2010 -

Two-time voter fraud suspect Ann Coulter reprised her role of playing a racial-profiling advocate an aviation security expert on Fox News tonight. Last night, Coulter attacked the TSA’s new body scan machines and argued for racial profiling, instead, on The O'Reilly Factor. Not surprisingly, bigots' best friend on television, Sean Hannity, had Coulter on his show to once again offer her views on racial profiling airline safety tonight.. But things didn’t go Coulter’s way. Instead of just Ann and Sean hate mongering against Moo-slims (as she pronounces it), Fox News’ Peter Johnson was on hand with a strong opposing argument. Diva Coulter couldn’t take the debate, demanded that Hannity cut Johnson’s mic and said she would not appear with him again. Guess who came out looking reasonable and who looked like a loser? Grab the popcorn!

I’m no fan of Johnson’s but he not only cleaned Coulter’s clock, he did it with reason and logic, while she looked hysterical and shrewish. Not even Hannity came to her rescue.

It was reminiscent of another temper tantrum Coulter had when, after a few tough questions from Democrat Kirsten Powers, Coulter walked off the set of Hannity & Colmes.

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