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Yes, Greg Gutfeld, You Are A Jerk!

Reported by Priscilla - November 16, 2010 -

In a rare moment of self realization, former altar boy Greg Gutfeld admitted that he is "probably a jerk." Given his subsequent "Greg-alogue," the adverb in the preceeding sentence seems extraneous. Gutfeld articulated his support for the Texas execution of a criminal whose request for DNA testing was denied and whose DNA was, subsequently, not found on the piece of hair that was the sole physical evidence used as the basis for the conviction. According to Greg, the convicted man had been involved in other crimes and was generally a bad guy who deserved to die even though it appears that DNA testing, at the time of the trial, might have exonerated him. The Claude Jones case is another example, used by the "Innocence Project," to support their mission to change death penalty laws. Barry Scheck, the founder of this group, has said "while some may say this case "isn't the holy grail" to show Jones definitely was innocent, I think that in and of itself is pretty significant, and only a cynical view would say this is not important, this doesn't matter." But you didn't hear any of that in the "Greg-alogue" which, like other Fox "opinion" shows, needs to keep it short and simple. Funny, I think that the Catholic Church is not exactly a fan of the death penalty. Maybe Greg should talk to his priest pal, Father Jonathan Morris who once wrote that "It would follow that if a human person’s intrinsic value, in spite of his greater or lesser moral value, is so precious — inestimable — no government should use it as a commodity of retribution, and certainly not as a mere tool for deterrence... All this said, I’ve got a hunch we still like the death sentence in America because it makes us feel good. Revenge is sweet." And yes, Greg Gutfeld, who obviously doesn't care about possible wrongful executions and feels good about this execution, is totally a jerk!