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More On Glenn Beck’s George Soros Smear Job

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 15, 2010 -

By Aunty Em

When I wrote my long take-out on the Glenn Beck Soros Smear Job™ on the Fox “News” Channel, I was unaware of something. With Beck calling Soros “The Puppet Master,” and using marionettes to (falsely) claim that Soros is pulling many strings, this might be important: Jews in Nazi Germany were frequently referred to as “wire pullers.”

The earliest mention I can find of the phrase “wire-puller” comes from a little book called Mein Kampf. As the book A Critical and Cultural Theory Reader, by Antony Easthope and Kate McGowan, makes clear, “wire puller” was commonly used as a euphemism for “Jew” throughout the ‘30s in order to get the average German citizen to hate their neighbors, leading to the horror of the Holocaust.

Unfortunately, and probably why I had never head this term before, the current definitions of “wire puller” leave out its historical use by Nazi Germany and only refer to it as being synonymous with a “behind the scenes manipulator.” Even Wikipedia has missed the boat on this one. Despite its claim to be “one of the largest reference websites,” when one searches for “wire puller” there, one is redirected to the page for "marionette.”

Another small item I was unaware of when I wrote my column is that Beck’s anti-Semitic attacks on Soros took place on the 72nd anniversary of Kristallnacht, "a campaign of terror against Jewish people and their homes and businesses in Germany and Austria. The violence, which continued through November 10 and was later dubbed 'Kristallnacht,' or 'Night of Broken Glass,' after the countless smashed windows of Jewish-owned establishments, left approximately 100 Jews dead, 7,500 Jewish businesses damaged and hundreds of synagogues, homes, schools and graveyards vandalized. An estimated 30,000 Jewish men were arrested, many of whom were then sent to concentration camps for several months; they were released when they promised to leave Germany. Kristallnacht represented a dramatic escalation of the campaign started by Adolf Hitler in 1933 when he became chancellor to purge Germany of its Jewish population."

Now it’s entirely possible that Glenn Beck was unaware of both facts, as was I. However, I’m not buying it. There’s nothing that Beck does by accident and I don’t believe in coincidences.

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